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Republican Senate candidates forum in Gulf Shores

Brandon Moseley



GOP Senate candidates participated in a forum last week in Gulf Shores before state retirees at the ARSEA/APEAL Convention.

Candidates Stanley Adair, John Merrill, and Arnold Mooney all participated in the forum.

Congressman Bradley Byrne, R-Montrose, was detained by business in D.C.; but addressed the retirees via video. Auburn Football Coach Tommy Tuberville also joined the group, but minutes too late to participate in the forum.

Former Chief Justice Roy Moore is also a candidate for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate.

Stanley Adair is a businessman from Haleyville, Alabama.

“We sure need to do some changing in Washington,” Adair said. “We need to put someone in to stand up to those crazies in Washington. We have got some of them trying to impeach the President.”

John Merrill is the Alabama secretary of state. Merrill grew up in rural Cleburne County and lives in Tuscaloosa.


“I will help the President build the border wall,” Merrill promised. “We also need comprehensive immigration reform.” We need workers for the construction, infrastructure, hospitality, and agriculture industries. “We need to make sure that those people who do not need to be here are sent back.”

“We need somebody who will push back against the agenda being pushed by Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Chuck Schumer,” Merrill said.

Congressman Bradley Byrne said, “I am in Washington voting on some of the issues which are very important for us.”


“We need someone who will fight for us, someone who has experience in cleaning up a swamp.”

Arnold Mooney is a member of the Alabama House of Representatives. Mooney grew up in Montgomery and is from north Shelby County.

“Recent events have caused us to find some new hope,” Mooney said. “President Trump, he has brought back an economy that liberals and crazy people said would never come back. He has repealed the death tax and the waters of the U.S. rule.”

“I am running for what you love and I love our children and grandchildren,” Mooney said.

“Things are moving forward now, but we still have problems in this country,” Adair said. “Congress only has a 13 percent approval rate. Something is wrong with our Congress today. Look at what they are trying to do President Trump tonight.”

Merrill said that as Secretary of State Alabama has set new state records for both voter registration and voter participation. 96 percent of all eligible Black Alabamians are registered to vote and 91 percent of eligible Whites.

“We have removed over 800,000 names from the voter rolls because they have moved away, passed away, or have been put away.” Merrill said. “We have the highest level of integrity in the voter rolls in the history of the state.”

Merrill said that they have been criticized for the state voter ID requirement.

“Those people are entitled to their own opinions, but not to their own facts. All we have done is make it easy to vote but hard to cheat,” Merrill explained.

“If we don’t do something what we leave will not be a legacy of freedom,” Mooney said. “There are no Democrats left. They have all left that party to people who do not believe in anything that this country was founded on.”

“We are $22 trillion in debt,” Adair said. “We have got to stop some of this silliness in Washington.”

“Trump is about building the most powerful militaries in the world and I support that,” Adair added.

“We can take our country back and give it to the people of this state and this nation,” Merrill said.

“People are crossing that border in chain immigration,” Mooney said. “It is absurd. It is illegal.”

“We need merit based immigration,” Mooney explained.

Adair said that as a businessman you don’t just take of yourself and your family, but you have to make sure that all of your employees get a check every week.”

Merrill said that as Secretary of State he has saved taxpayers money, reduced staff thirty percent, and reduced the wait time on business filings from seven to nine month to same day.

“We are not operating at the speed of government anymore, but the speed of business,” Merrill said.

Mooney said that illegal immigration is costing us $250 billion a year. It is costing too much and it is all being paid for with deficit spending.

“The national debt is a crying shame,” Mooney said. “We can barely pay the interest on the debt.”

“We cannot continue to send the same folks to Washington and expect different results,” Adair said. “America needs you and needs your vote.”
Merrill said that Democrats are not promoting the “Principles of the founders of this country.”

Mooney said that he met his wife at a Bible study in Montgomery, before moving to Shelby County and embarking on an over 40-year career in commercial real estate.

“We have been blessed to be a part of Montgomery and North Shelby,” Mooney said.

ARSEA/APPEAL hopes to have the eventual Republican nominee and incumbent Senator Doug Jones (D) speak at the convention next year before the 2020 general election on November 3.

The major party primary is March 3.



Doug Jones raises $2.4 million in first fundraising period of 2020





U.S. Sen. Doug Jones, D-Alabama, raised $2.4 million in the first fundraising period of 2020, according to his reelection campaign, which was $500,000 more than he raised during the fourth quarter of 2019. 

Jones has $7.4 million cash at hand, according to his campaign, which released the totals on Thursday. Jones’s latest campaign finance reports weren’t yet posted to the Federal Election Commission website on Thursday. 

“Alabamians across the state are showing their commitment to Doug’s message of One Alabama and his proven track record of standing up for all Alabamians,” said Doug Turner, Senior Advisor for Jones’s campaign, in a statement Thursday. Doug’s work to support working families, fund our HBCUs, modernize our military and expand and protect our health care is resonating with folks throughout Alabama. We are well-positioned to continue to grow our grassroots support and win in November.” 

Jones ended 2019 leading all of his Republican contenders in fundraising, ending the year with $5 million in cash.


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Opponents accuse Tuberville of supporting amnesty for undocumented immigrants

Brandon Moseley



The Senate campaign is heating up as the top three candidates are all going negative. Former Auburn head football coach Tommy Tuberville has attacked Congressman Bradley Byrne (R-Montrose) and former Attorney General and Senator Jeff Sessions of being career politicians. Both Byrne and Tuberville have attacked Sessions for not having adequately served President Donald J. Trump (R) while Attorney General. Byrne has even attacked Tuberville’s coaching abilities. The latest attacks on Tuberville accuse him of supporting amnesty for illegal aliens. Sessions even accused Tuberville of being a “tourist.”

Wednesday, Sessions announced a new television ad called “Tuberville for Amnesty.”

Byrne and Tuberville point to an August speech by Coach Tuberville when he said: “There are people coming across the border that need jobs… and we want them to come over here… Let em’ come in and become citizens like we all became citizens.”

The Tuberville campaign called the attack “fake news” on Twitter.

Sessions’ campaign manager Jon Jones said, “Tuberville is claiming that his own words are ‘fake news.’ All of them? Tommy Tuberville needs to read the transcript. It is clear that Tuberville supports immigration amnesty, and he is attempting to trick Alabama voters to believe otherwise. In contrast, Jeff Sessions has done more than just say he wants to fix the border – he has already worked alongside President Trump to stop illegal immigration.”

The new Sessions ad reads: “Tuberville is trying to trick you, hiding his support for immigration amnesty.” Then plays an audio clip of the Tuberville comment from August

Tuesday, Byrne told reporters in Trussville: “I can tell you right now this issue about Tommy Tuberville’s position on amnesty is a key issue. And so we’re going to keep telling people about his position on that and let him explain why he doesn’t think that’s amnesty.”


“Let em’ come in and become citizens like we all became citizens,” Tuberville is quoted in the ad.

Tuberville has denied supporting amnesty and says that he supports President Trump’s immigration agenda.

The Sessions ad further charges: “And Tuberville’s not even from Alabama, he’s a tourist here. He lives, pays taxes and even votes in Florida.”


On Tuesday, the Tuberville campaign responded with an attack ad of their own.

“The career politicians are desperate to hang on to their paychecks and power, so they have started airing negative ads full of false attacks and baseless distortions,” Tuberville said. “Our new commercial allows us to respond with some hard truths about which candidate wants to drain the D.C. swamp and is tough enough to actually help President Trump get the job done.”

The Tuberville ad has Byrne with former Secretary Hillary Clinton and Sessions with Congressman Adam Schiff (D-California) who led the impeachment effort against President Trump. The ad even connects Sessions and Byrne with Sen. Mitt Romney (the only Republican in either House of Congress who found that the President did anything wrong.)

State Representative Arnold Mooney, former Chief Justice Roy Moore, Ruth Page Nelson, and businessman Stanley Adair are also running for the Republican nomination for the Senate seat currently held by Doug Jones (D).

The Republican primary is March 3.

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Republicans criticize Jones over his “stupid question” response to a constituent

Brandon Moseley



Republicans are criticizing U.S. Senator Doug Jones, D-Alabama, for a flippant response to a constituent asking how he will vote on a bill that would ban late-term abortions.

While Walking into an Alabama Employer Health Policy Discussion in Birmingham today, Jones had this interaction with a constituent:

The constituent asked: “Do you think abortion should be banned after 5 months?”

Sen. Jones responded, “What a stupid question.”

Constituent: “You’re voting on it next week.”

Senate candidate Congressman Bradley Byrne (R-Montrose) said, “Doug may find the sanctity of life funny now, but he won’t find it funny when we fire him in November. I’m running for Senate to ensure we have a Pro-Life, Pro-Trump fighter representing the people of Alabama in the U.S. Senate.”

Marjorie Dannenfelser is the President of the national pro-life group Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List).


“Senator Doug Jones has proven once again that he is no moderate when it comes to abortion on demand through the moment of birth. Alabama’s Democratic senator may think it is ‘stupid’ to question his abortion extremism, but rest assured, his constituents take respect for human life very seriously,” President Dannenfelser said. “With a record of voting in favor of late-term abortion more than halfway through pregnancy and forced taxpayer funding of abortion, Sen. Jones has repeatedly betrayed Alabamians, siding with the radical abortion lobby and fellow extremist Democrats in Congress. Their agenda is dramatically out of step with the people of Alabama and the strong majority of Americans – including 55 percent of Independents and 43 percent of rank-and-file Democrats – who support compassionate limits on abortion after five months of pregnancy, when science clearly shows unborn babies can feel excruciating pain. If Senator Jones refuses to protect innocent unborn children, he won’t be laughing come Election Day.”

Alabama voters have approved a constitutional amendment that will ban abortion in the state when the U.S. Supreme Court overturns the controversial Roe vs. Wade decision.

Trump Victory National Finance Committee member Perry O. Hooper Jr. said in a statement, “This is a broken record with Doug Jones. It appears he bends over backwards to slap
Alabamians in the face. Always ignoring what Alabamians believe. We are Pro-Life. He is pro-abortion, it is that simple. He is a broken record. Never standing for Alabama values; He is a died in the wool leftist its that plain and simple. Abortion upon demand until birth is his mantra. He has no regard for human life unless they are on death row confected of multiple homicides. These are his victims not innocent children killed in the womb.”


Defeating Doug Jones and taking back the Senate seat is a top priority of Alabama Republicans.

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Hasdorff calls for “out-of-touch” Mike Bloomberg to visit an Alabama Farm

Brandon Moseley



Republican 2nd Congressional District candidate Terri Hasdorff challenged billionaire Democratic Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg to come visit an Alabama farm.

Hasdorff’s comments followed the re-release of Bloomberg statements dismissing farmers as lacking the “grey matter” to do other jobs.

In a 2016 speech at Oxford University in England, the former New York City Mayor said that he “could teach anybody, even the people in this room” to be a farmer. “You dig a hole, you put a seed in, you put dirt on top, add water, up comes the corn.”

“I am appalled at how out-of-touch Mr. Bloomberg is about how much work goes into successful farming,” Hasdorff said. “I’m personally inviting him to Alabama’s Second District where I would be happy to take him to one of our nearly 10,000 farms and give him a tour maybe we can even get him to roll up his sleeves and put in a little bit of real work!”

Alabama has a long, storied history as an agricultural states Even now, agriculture and forestry remains the largest industry in the state of Alabama.

“Alabama’s farmers are the backbone of our state,” Hasdorff continued. “The fact that someone like Michael Bloomberg feels he is entitled to belittle their hard work is appalling – but this is what the far left really thinks of real America. This is what out of touch Democrats and coastal elites believe. Mr. Bloomberg was just the one caught on tape.”

Hasdorff is part of a crowded Republican primary field on March 3. The Alabama Democratic presidential primary is also on March 3.


“This is why I’m running for Congress,” Hasdorff added. “We need leaders who understand the needs and struggles of hard-working Americans – farmers, manufacturers, people who keep our country fed and moving. We need real leaders who will fight for our people, not leaders who would have government replace true hard work and the American spirit.”

Hasdorff worked in the White House Office of Public Liaison in the George H.W. Bush (R) Administration. There she worked with faith leaders across the country. She worked on Capitol Hill for six years where her most meaningful assignments focused on keeping the government and Washington, D.C. elites from discriminating against churches and faith-based organizations. Hasdorff worked on the Ten Commandments Defense Act, defending the right of states to display the Ten Commandments in courthouses and public places. She served as a senior advisor on the Charitable Choice language, which put the Faith-Based initiative into law and still protects faith based organizations from discrimination when accessing federal funding. Hasdorff has worked on pro-life, pro-family legislation. Terri also worked in the George W. Bush Administration as America’s faith-based representative to the world. Hasdorff graduated from Samford University.

Second Congressional District incumbent Martha Roby (R-Montgomery) is not running for another term.


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