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State school board member starts campaign to defeat Amendment One


State School Board member Jackie Zeigler last week launched a campaign to defeat Amendment One on the March 3 ballot.

The proposed amendment to the Alabama Constitution would eliminate the elected state school board and replace it with one appointed by the governor.

Jackie Zeigler represents the seven counties of southwest Alabama and is running for re-election. Zeigler opposes the amendment and has started a Facebook page named “Vote No on CA1: Keep your right to vote on State School Board.”

Jackie Zeigler said that she will be active and vocal in the opposition to Amendment One.

“As representative for State Board of Education District One, I am vehemently opposed to any attempt take away the voice of the people,” Jackie Zeigler said. “Elimination of your elected State Board of Education Constitutional officers would be one step closer to having the Educational Trust Fund fall into the hands of individuals whose main intent may not be our students’ best interest. We must continue to be aware of the consequences that will result from this attempt to take away the power of the citizens.”

The statewide vote is March 3, 2020, four months away. That is the same day U.S. Senate, congressional and other nominees will be decided in party primaries. That is also the same day as the Presidential primaries and delegate selection.

“I find it extremely insulting that our Governor and legislators think the citizens’ vote to put them into office was a brilliant move but then turned inept when electing our SBOE representatives,” Jackie Zeigler stated. “As your elected official, I serve the students, parents, and citizens of Alabama. I am their voice as well as their contact with any of their school issues, concerns or questions. I am available to direct them to the proper contacts, inform them of current p olicies, or just serve as a sounding board. I am available. I am accountable. I am their representative. To them I pledge my service, not to Montgomery.”

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State Senator Del Marsh, R-Anniston, proposed the legislation ending the elected school board. Marsh says that all the top states in education have appointed school boards. The bill was supported by Gov. Kay Ivey (R) and had broad bipartisan support in both Houses of the state legislature.

“I vow to be active and vocal in the effort to defeat Amendment One,” Zeigler concluded. “It is important to get the information out so our valued citizens can make an informed decision on March 3, 2020. Campaign ads will be launched by those wishing to squash our rights and our voice. It is vital to remain steadfast and strong in the knowledge that Amendment One is not in the interest of our citizens. Alabama needs to vote NO on Amendment One to protect the right to vote for our own elected officials. Won’t you join me?”

Jackie Zeigler is a retired school teacher, principal, and school administrator. She is married to State Auditor Jim Zeigler (R).

Click here to view Mrs. Zeigler’s Facebook page.

Written By

Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.



This is the best outcome in a democracy that’s committed to free speech.

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