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Byrne predicts that House Democrats will impeach the president

Friday, U.S. Senate candidate Congressman Bradley Byrne (R-Montrose) spoke to an a campaign event in Gadsden at Lola’s on the River Restaurant. Byrne said that he expects that House Democrats will vote to impeach President Donald J. Trump (R) “sometime between now and Christmas.”

Byrne defended the President.

“The President had an obligation to make sure that there was not corruption going on,” Byrne said. ”A Ukrainian oligarch employed the son of the Vice President for $50,000 a month. Hunter Biden has no background in energy and has no background in Ukraine. If his last name had been Byrne, and not Biden, he would not have gotten that money.”

Byrne said that House Democrats had the Mueller report investigation before the House Judiciary Committee; but that failed. Then they brought in Mueller before the Committee and that was also a dud.

“Now that they have been down in the dungeons of the capitol,” Byrne said. “Now they say that they don’t need a whistleblower.”

Byrne said that that the Judiciary committee is where impeachments would normally be handled but “They did not do it that way.”

“The Intelligence Committee is how we provide oversight to the intelligence agencies,” it is not for a public matter like impeaching the President; but House Democrats are doing it this way, “Because they don’t want a repeat performance of what happened in the Judiciary Committee and everyone saw who weak their case was.”

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Byrne said that he and a group of Republicans went to the Intelligence Committee and demanded to be let in. “We were chanting let us in let us in.”

Byrne said that a staffer told them they would not be allowed in,

“You do not have the authority to keep duly elected members of Congress from going in,” Byrne said they told the staffer. They entered the room and stood along the walls politely. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff then moved to leave.

“I stood up and said Adam don’t leave,” Byrne said that Schiff glared at him and left anyway.

“I did not yell at anybody, I wish I had, nobody fought anybody,” Byrne said. “This is a fight. They are not fighting fair and they have got the national news media” backing up everything they say.

“They passed this process and it is a joke,” Byrne said. “Not one single Republican voted for this resolution. We had two Democrats vote with us.”

“My prediction is that sometime between now and Christmas they will vote to impeach the President,” Byrne said. “They don’t have the votes in the Senate.”

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Byrne said that nothing is getting done while the House Democrats are wasting time with this “circus.”

“We are not dealing with reforming our immigration system, we are not dealing with the border,” we haven’t passed an infrastructure bill. “We don’t have money to run the government,” Byrne exclaimed.

Byrne predicted that Trump would be re-elected and that Republicans will hold on to Senate.

“I think we are and we are going to take the House back,” Byrne added.

“We made a mistake in Alabama in 2017,” Byrne said. “We need to make that right next year. We need a Republican Senator”

“If I am the nominee it won’t even be close,” Byrne predicted.

Byrne was hosted by State Senator Andrew Jones (R-Centre), who is a member of the Byrne Grassroots team. State Reps. Craig Lipscomb (R-Gadsden) and Gil Isbell (R-Gadsden) were in attendance.

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The Republican primary is March 3.

Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.

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