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Barry Moore condemns impeachment of Trump as “travesty of justice”

Thursday, Congressional candidate Barry Moore (R) condemned the impeachment inquiry against President Donald J. Trump (R). Moore released a video statement in which he called the effort to remove Pres. Trump a “travesty of justice.”

The video was shot at the Lincoln Memorial and was posted to Moore’s campaign social media pages.

“We are here today for the first hearings, the opening of the hearings of the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump,” Moore stated. “I’m calling this an ‘un-democracy video’ because what we’re seeing is a travesty of justice.”

“It’s been about removing a President who was duly elected by 63 million Americans,” Moore said. “This is just a move by the Swamp, another step in the direction of removing a President that was duly elected.”

“‘Nasty’ Pelosi has lost control of her party, and she’s allowing this thing to move forward. All we’ve heard today is hearsay, second- and third-hand information to remove this President,” Moore added. “I was encouraged by the way (Representative) Jim Jordan, R-OH, handled the committee. He showed there was no direct link, there were no eyewitnesses, there were no direct accounts of any sort of quid pro quo, certainly not impeachable.”

Congressman Mo Brooks, R-Huntsville, called the impeachment hearings a “sham.”

“As more sham impeachment proceedings get underway— this time in public— remember the Socialist Democrat goal in all this,” Brooks said. “It isn’t to remove President Trump from office, it’s to maximize Socialist Democrat chances of keeping the House and taking the Senate and White House in 2020. Socialist Democrats can’t win at the ballot box pushing their Socialist agenda so they’ve resorted to lies and deceit in undermining the duly elected president of the United States. Today’s proceedings aren’t about what’s good for America, they are about what’s good for Socialist Democrat politicians.”

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Moore is in a crowded GOP primary field for the Second Congressional seat. Incumbent Martha Roby, R-Montgomery, is not seeking re-election.

“We have had five people qualified in this (AL-2) race with me, but when I ran as a Trump delegate, there was no competition,” Moore added. “When I endorsed him in Mobile, I was one of three people that were elected in the State of Alabama that would stand with this man. We need to send people to DC who will help defend him.”

Moore was in Washington to attend a closed-door meeting and dinner with members of the Republican Caucus. He heard Representatives Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, and Devon Nunes, R-CA, speak on what to expect during the impeachment inquiry.

Moore served in the Alabama Legislature representing District 91 from 2010 until 2018. He is the only Veteran qualified in the AL-2 race and was an Alabama at-large Trump delegate to the 2016 Republican National Convention. In 2015, Moore was the first elected official to endorse Candidate Trump for President.

Moore and his wife Heather are the founders and operators of Barry Moore Industries (BMI), a waste disposal company. He has a bachelor’s degree from Auburn University. Barry and Heather have been married for 27 years. They have four children.

Thomas W. Brown, Jr., Dothan businessman Jeff Coleman, Terri Hasdorff, former Attorney General Troy King, Bob Rogers, and Prattville businesswoman Jessica Taylor are also running in the March 3 Republican primary.

The winner of the Republican primary will face the winner of the Democratic primary in the general election. Phyllis Harvey-Hall and Nathan Mathis are both running for the Democratic nomination in US House District two.

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Both the Republican and Democratic primaries will be on March 3.


Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.

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