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Opinion | PCI offers “Quid Pro Quo” to Alabama

The Poarch Creek Casino Operation pays no taxes on their Alabama casino profits, but as we recently saw in their new “plan” – Now they want even more!

Blacks legal dictionary describes “Quid Pro Quo” as “something for something.” Recently the Poarch Creek Casino Operation offered 1 Billion Dollars to the State of Alabama in exchange for being granted a monopoly on all gambling in the state, expanding statewide gaming, and rights to establish Class III gaming – which includes table games like blackjack and roulette, as well as sports books.

An increasing number of people across Alabama are concerned with the growing influence in Montgomery of the Poarch Creek Casino Operation, which has funneled millions of dollars to Alabama politicians across the state in the past few years, but uses the money generated in Alabama to invest in other states and other countries without paying taxes on profits like other Alabama businesses. 

As a matter of fact, even the billion-dollar Quid Pro Quo being offered to Alabama lawmakers is much less than the Poarch Creek Casino Operation spent acquiring just one casino in Pennsylvania. 

In Alabama, the Poarch Creek Casino Operation has given more than $4 million to Alabama politicians and various PACs and they’ve donated more than $2.6 million to federal officials to keep a chokehold on their power and influence. 

Under the Poarch Creek Casino Operation “Quid Pro Quo” plan, they would continue to pay nothing on existing gambling profits, the operation would get two more casinos with unlimited gaming, and the state would award the operation a gaming monopoly in the State of Alabama.

Under this proposal, the Poarch Creek Casino Operation has crafted the sweetheart deal of all deals – a monopoly, expanded gaming, and still ZERO taxes on existing gambling profits.

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Alabama is not for sale – not even for a billion dollars.

Gerald Dial served in the Alabama legislature for over 30 years and presently serves as Executive Director of Poarch Creek Accountability Now (PCAN).  Senator Dial may be reached at [email protected]


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When fully implemented, the exemption is projected to save the state’s small businesses an estimated $23 million a year.


The bill would allow up to $6,000 in tax exemptions for taxable retirement income for Alabamians who are 65 years or older.


The only state with a lower tax collection per capita in 2019 was Tennessee.


The ETF and general fund grew by more than 11 percent compared to 2020 numbers.