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Moore: Democrats will do “anything and everything” to stop Trump

Friday, U.S. Senate candidate former Chief Justice Roy Moore (R) condemned efforts to impeach President Donald J. Trump (R) and said that the desire by Democrats to remove Trump is why he was targeted in the 2017 election in favor of Doug Jones (D), whom Moore predicted will vote to convict Pres. Trump.

“The impeachment push by Congress is only more evidence that they will do anything and everything it takes to stop our President and the progress he has made for our Country,” Moore said in a statement. ”Now, it will go before the Senate where we will really see where Republicans stand on exonerating President Trump of these charges.”

Doug Jones defeated Moore in the 2017 election for U.S. Senate. Moore is running to defeat Jones in the 2020 election.

“Alabama can go ahead and count on Doug Jones voting to impeach,” Moore predicted. “That’s why it was so important for them to win the Alabama Senate seat in 2017, but they did so only after unleashing the most vilifying and malicious campaigns this nation has ever seen. One that hurt not only me but my family, and my supporters alike.”

Moore acknowledged that there are some concerns about a Moore candidacy in 2020 being a repeat performance of what happened in 201i.

“I know we’re all worried about what they will do to me if I run again, but that’s where we must trust in God,” Judge Moore stated. “I’m ready to charge back on these false allegations and massive disinformation campaigns but I need an army of conservative supporters to charge with me!”

“They will do whatever it takes to stop President Trump, just like they will do whatever it takes to stop me from running for Senate again,” Moore said.

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Moore said that his recent speech to Shoals Republicans was picketed by protestors.

“It’s not me they protest but our God!” Moore said. “My purpose has always been to recognize God and defend religious liberty at the highest level of government, and that’s what I have done. I’m not done standing for our Alabama values that we all believe and know to be true. The fight has merely begun!”

Pres. Trump is expected to be impeached today by the Democratic controlled U.S. House of Representatives.

Roy Moore is a former circuit judge, gubernatorial candidate, prosecutor, attorney in private practice, kickboxer, cowboy, U.S. Army Captain, and Vietnam War veteran. He is also the founder of the Montgomery based Foundation for Moral Law and two time elected Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. Moore is a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and the University of Alabama School of Law.

Moore faces a crowded field for the Republican Senate nomination that includes: businessman Stanley Adair, former Auburn head football Coach Tommy Tuberville, State Senator Arnold Mooney, Congressman Bradley Byrne, and former Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

The Republican primary will be on March 3.

Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.

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