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Alabama Republicans to hold rallies for the president


The Alabama Republican Party has announced rallies in front of U.S. Senator Doug Jones’s offices urging Jones to vote not guilty on the two impeachment articles against President Donald J. Trump (R).

“We have organized rallies in support of President Trump while the Senate takes up the impeachment process,” ALGOP wrote in a press release. “We will be holding them in Huntsville, Birmingham and Mobile outside Senator Doug Jones’s office.”

“We need to show that Alabama supports our president and we expect Senator Jones to vote NO on impeachment,” ALGOP continued. “Please join us. However, just as important, we need you to help us spread the word!”

The first “RALLY FOR OUR PRESIDENT” was Friday in Huntsville outside Senator Doug Jones’s Office.

The second rally for the president will be Monday, January 27 at 12:00 noon outside Senator Doug Jones’s Office in the Vance Federal Building at 1800 5th Avenue North in Birmingham, AL 35203.

The third rally will be on Tuesday, January 28, 2020 at 12 NOON outside Senator Doug Jones’s Office at 41 West I-65 Service Road, North in Mobile, AL 36608.

House Democrats lament that the Senate has limited their ability to call witnesses and present evidence in the Senate trial.

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Republicans have denounced the House Democrats’ impeachment of the President as a partisan political witch hunt.

Congressman Bradley Byrne, R-Montrose, said, “House Democrats had legal recourse to seek witnesses and documents but opted to move forward with impeachment anyway – without a case – to meet a politically-motivated deadline. This is not about the truth or protecting the Constitution. They want to make sure President Trump isn’t re-elected, at any cost.”

Byrne is one of the Republicans who is running for Senate for Jones’ seat.

Trump Victory National Finance Committee member former State Representative Perry O. Hooper Jr., R-Montgomery, said in a statement: “President Trump is continuing to work for the American people while Nancy Pelosi and her minions continue on a purely political farce that are these impeachment proceedings.”

“President Trump is in Devos, Switzerland, meeting with world leaders in business and Government; preaching to them that free market capitalism is the only path to world-wide prosperity,” Hooper added. “Pelosi on the other hand is handing out the last of her gold-plated commemorative impeachment pins that by the way, cost the taxpayers $5,000.”

“The President’s defense team continues to win on every point rebuking the house managers with their own words,” Hooper claimed. “As Jay Sekelow pointed out in 2012 House impeachment Manager Adam Schiff wrote in defense of President Barack Obama invoking executive privilege when then Attorney General Eric Holder ignored Congressional subpoena’s “ The White House assertion of privilege is backed by decades of precedent that has recognized the need for the President and his senior advisors to receive advice and information from their top aides.” Now Schiff is trying to sell this as an impeachable offense. All Republican’s must support Senator McConnell and vote against calling additional witnesses and end this farce. Congress needs to follow President Trump’s lead, and get back to work for the American people.”

The Senate has never found a president guilty of anything in American history.

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Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.

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