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Opinion | Coming to the end of the road

How do you figure out when your fastball ain’t as fast as it once was?  Or that it takes you longer to run from home plate to first base than a few years ago?

In other words, what makes you face the reality that you have far more yesterdays than tomorrows and that your usefulness or inspiration just comes in occasional spurts, certainly not every day.

I started this blog in the spring of 2015.  I was 72 years old.  Hardly the season of life to start climbing another mountain

It’s been quite a trip.  Filled with encounters of far more wonderful people than I can recall.  People who have truly demonstrated the best of mankind in their service to others.  People who have shown undying love to the children of strangers.  People who honestly and truly believe that every life, regardless the circumstances of its birth or home or family is deserving of every chance and opportunity the surrounding world has to offer.  People who are overworked and underappreciated and are driven by a deep calling to leave this world better than they found it.

I have tried to recognize these largely unsung heroes and to give voice to sentiments that they are unable to be speak.

Gratefully, I have been joined by hundreds and hundreds of others on this lone journey.  People who have been so kind to constantly offer a pat on the back, whether deserved or not,  Every word of encouragement and appreciation has been noted.  And will not be forgotten.

But my fastball has lost some of its zip, my stride has shortened and frustrations have too often weighed too heavy.

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And without doubt, some priorities have been re-arranged, especially impacted by these very perilous times we find ourselves in.

Regular readers have certainly noticed that posts in the last three months have been less frequent.  Just as they will continue to be.  I plan to still write from time to time but I also hope to set aside more time for myself and explore some worlds I have yet to see.

Thanks for all you have meant.  For your friendship, for your kind words and for your steadfast devotion to making this a better world.


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