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USDA says more than 50 million Farmers to Families Food Boxes have been distributed


U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue on Wednesday said that the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Farmers to Families Food Box Program has distributed over 50 million food boxes in support of American farmers and families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The delivery of 50 Million food boxes has helped an incredible number of Americans in need,” Perdue said. “I couldn’t be prouder of the great job done by the food box program staff and the many farmers, distributors and non-profits that helped to get this program off the ground for the American people. The Farmers to Families Food Box Program got off to a strong start, delivering over 35.5 million boxes in the first 45 days, and has now reached over 50 million boxes delivered – a testament to everyone’s hard work. I have been meeting with food banks and recipients across the country and it’s been heartening to hear all the positive feedback on how the program has saved businesses and fed Americans in need. We are well into the second round of deliveries and we’re working harder than ever to continue to build on the success of the program.”

“50 million Farmers to Families Food Boxes have brought fresh and nutritious food grown by great American farmers to those most in need during this pandemic,” said adviser to the president Ivanka Trump. “I am proud of the profound impact this program has had on strengthening our workforce and nourishing hungry families. We will continue to prioritize our Nation’s farmers, ranchers, workers and families through this robust new Farmers to Families Food Box Program.”

Economic developer Nicole Jones said, “USDA’s willingness to partner with farmers and food banks nationwide is an important community development action that has helped provide stability for families and save businesses. Thank you, Secretary Sonny Perdue and USDA, for taking significant steps to assist our farmers and ensure Americans do not go hungry amidst the pandemic.”

Flavor 1st owner Kirby Johnson said, “I was actually planting green beans when this happened. A good friend called me about this program. I was going down the row real slow planting green beans. I laughed to myself that by the time this program gets in motion, (the pandemic) will be over. Let me tell you, that was a Tuesday, the following Thursday I was packing in this packing house vegetables to go to the people. I’ve done a lot of government stuff. Nothing has ever been done this quick, especially produce. People that need it need it. They don’t need it two months from now, they need it now.”

Sabrina Tumey, with the Sitka Salvation Army, said, “The produce and the fruits are beautiful. And I literally have had people being so thankful and so grateful, almost to the verge of tears.”

Vince Winter, with AC Lakeside, said, “It feels good to be able to be an active part in getting food to those in need here in Sitka, being a part of the Sitka community. There is no better feeling in the world.”

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Marijo Martinec, the CEO and executive director of the Food Bank of Northern Indiana, said, “We get some very nice emails and phone calls. I mean, they can make you cry. People are really grateful for them. The fresh products have been wonderful.”

Sarah Ochoa, the community health services director for Community Action Partnership of Western Nebraska, “Definitely, there’s a need in the community. We’re not seeing the same people every week, which is a good thing, people are coming when they need it.”

Annie Forrest, who received a Food Box, said, “Being physically handicapped, this means a lot to me.”

On April 17, 2020, Secretary Perdue announced the program as part of the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program developed to help farmers, ranchers, distributors and consumers in response to the COVID-19 national emergency.

Last week, USDA announced it would launch a third round of Farmers to Families Food Box Program purchases with distributions to occur beginning by September 1 with completion by October 31, 2020. The purchases will spend the balance of $3 billion authorized for the program. In this third round of purchases, USDA plans to purchase combination boxes to ensure all recipient organizations have access to fresh produce, dairy products, fluid milk, and meat products.

Eligibility in the third round will be open to entities who can meet the government’s requirements and specifications. Proposals will be expected to illustrate how coverage will be provided to areas identified as opportunity zones, detail subcontracting agreements, and address the “last mile” delivery of product into the hands of the food insecure population.

Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.

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