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St. Clair Farmers Federation urges voters to vote no on county school district amendment

The St. Clair County school system is pushing voters to vote “yes” on the amendment.

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The St. Clair Farmers Federation urged St. Clair County voters on Tuesday to vote against a controversial county-wide amendment to the Alabama Constitution.

“A group pushing to raise property taxes in our county has failed to provide solid information why an increase is needed,” the farmers said in a statement. “The St. Clair County Farmers Federation opposes this tax increase, which is located at the end of your ballot.”

“Our organization supports our schools, families, businesses and communities. Like you, we want our children to receive the best education possible,” the St. Clair Farmers Federation continued. “However, blind funding does NOT equal better education. Dedication to trade programs as well as college prep courses and other activities need to be a part of the solution. Under our current tax system, property tax collections for local schools have steadily increased over $4.5 million in the last two years alone.”

“The tax increase proposal on your ballot is vague and fails to clarify how and where the money from a tax increase would be spent,” the federation said.

“We all want better education for our children, which benefits our entire community. We also believe in accountability and financial responsibility from our elected officials,” the farmers concluded. “Please consider voting NO so we have responsible growth and financial accountability of public funds.”

The St. Clair County School Board has been pushing a tax increase for several years now. This is not a vote to increase property taxes, but if this passes it makes it easier for officials to increase taxes in the near future.

The St. Clair County school system is pushing voters to vote “yes” on the amendment.

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“This amendment is a District Option that will allow each school zone to decide additional funding sources in the future,” the St. Clair School System said in a statement. “This vote on November 3rd is NOT A TAX. There is absolutely no money involved with this vote. This vote is to give each district an option in the future.”

The amendment is located on the back of the ballot, so please make sure you turn it over and vote on this as well as all of the other proposed amendments.

If an amendment is complicated or you don’t understand it, a “no” vote is always the safest option. A “no” vote does nothing but keep the Alabama Constitution the way that it already is. A “yes” amendment on any amendment changes the Alabama Constitution from what it is currently to what the state Legislature wants it to be.

Opponents of higher taxes on St. Clair County homes, businesses and farms claim that voting in favor of the District Option would make it easy for officials to set in motion a series of tax increase votes across the county without having to go to the Legislature.

Alabama has the longest Constitution in the world because the Legislature adds more and more amendments. At this point, the Alabama Constitution has 946 amendments and the state Legislature is asking Alabama voters to approve numerous amendments in this election.

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