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Alabama Democratic leaders say Biden, Harris win is a win for the nation

Democratic leaders in the state called for unity — and for a peaceful transfer of power. 

Then-President-elect Joe Biden (VIA BIDEN CAMPAIGN)

Alabama’s Democratic leaders describe President-elect Joe Biden’s and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris’s win, projected by multiple news outlets Saturday, as a victory for civility and a chance for a nation, bruised and bloodied from a deadly pandemic and racial unrest, to heal once again.

Alabama Sen. Doug Jones, in a video statement posted to his Twitter account, congratulated his longtime friend on the win and called for the nation to come together once again.

“Today, my friend of 40 years, Joe Biden, achieves his dream and the dream that I’ve had for him for 40 years,” Jones said. “I’ve been disappointed that Joe hasn’t been president before now, but I believe he’s the right person at the right time at the right moment in history, to take over and heal the divides in this country.”

“And what about my buddy Kamala. Making history. Black women have been so important to America. They’ve been so important in my election and now for Kamala to be able to make history once again, it’s truly remarkable. They are a great team. They’re going to do great things for this country,” Jones said.

“Right now, our job, mine and yours, is to make sure that we not just support them, but we support everybody. That we bring this country together. That we try to pull the seams back together that had been ripped apart, to try to make this one America, one Alabama,” Jones said. “John Lewis wrote about, ‘We are the American family, the American house.’ It’s our job to make sure that everyone knows that. That’s what we do, because we are. We can do this. It’s so great to be one America, one family. The American house. The American family.”

U.S. Rep. Terri Sewell, D-Alabama, in tweets Saturday called for unity, and for a peaceful transfer of power.

“This is a Victory for Democracy! More Americans have voted in this election than ever before! Voting is not for the privilege, it is a Right for all Americans.  This is a victory for unity!  Americans chose unity over division and now we must all work to bridge the divide,” Sewell tweeted. “This victory is OURS! This is an American victory since Biden & Harris have promised to fight for all Americans- whether they got your vote or not.  The people have spoken through their votes!”

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“Every vote must be counted! When it is all said and done, we must put politics aside. We must honor our democracy’s promised tradition of a peaceful transfer of power.  Now is the time for us to unite as Americans,” Sewell said in another tweet.

Alabama Rep. Chris England, D-Tuscaloosa, and chair of the Alabama Democratic Party, told APR on Sunday that Biden and Harris campaigned in an honorable way, and that he has full confidence they will serve all Americans “not just the millions of us that voted for them.”

“We are facing a global pandemic and historic economic uncertainty. We need to deal honestly with each other regarding matters of racial justice. So now, more than ever before, confidence and character are critical for the White House. We have elected the right man and woman for the job,” England said.

Asked what he expects after Biden and Harris take office, England said he expects a sense of calm and resolution across the country.

“Where we don’t have to hold our breath for the next tweet, or insult, or demeaning comment from the president of the United States,” England said. “And we will begin to expect a certain level of civility, dignity, and decorum from the office of president again.”

State Sen. Vivian Figures, D-Mobile, in a message to APR said Harris’s election “has my heart joyfully bursting with gratitude, pride and hope.”

“I am so grateful that I get to witness the first female who happens to be an African American/South Asian, become Vice President of the United States of America. I am so proud of her because she is a perfect example of what we as women of color, can do and become given the opportunity,” Figures said. “With her background, experience, intellect and compassion for humankind, she is definitely destined to be a person of power and influence to help shape this nation for the better.”

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“She exemplifies what can be for our little girls of color to see her and believe that anything is possible. Of course I am proud that she is my sorority sister, but she is a sister to all of us in one way or another, for she will bring stellar leadership that represents everyone,” Figures said. “Vice President-Elect Harris’ election gives me hope that the United States of America can work together to someday be united regardless of who and what we are as God created us to be.”

“The United States has been without real presidential leadership for four years. We have endured things being done and said by a President that we would never have imagined in our wildest dreams. I look at the election of President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris as the ‘Dream Team’ because they are a reflection of the makeup of this country, and I see them bringing leadership that represents all people regardless of their places in life,” Figures continued. “When you consider their backgrounds, experience and hearts for the least of these and the voiceless, they give me hope and a belief that we can once again gain the respect of others as a world class leader. I have faith in the Biden-Harris Dream Team because we are desperate for calm, rational, thoughtful and experienced leadership more than ever.”

Eddie Burkhalter is a reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter. You can email him at [email protected] or reach him via Twitter.

John is a reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter. You can contact him at [email protected] or via Twitter.

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