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Biden’s win made official with Electoral College vote

Last-minute attempts by Trump’s legal team failed to convince any court to halt the Electoral College vote.

Electors from all 50 states and the District of Columbia met and voted for president and vice president. Democratic candidate former Vice President Joe Biden was elected as the 46th president of the United States and U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris, D-California, was elected vice president.

“Altogether, Vice President-elect Harris and I earned 306 electoral votes, well exceeding the 270 electoral votes needed to secure victory,” Biden said afterward. “Three hundred and six electoral votes is the same number of electoral votes Donald Trump and Mike Pence received in 2016. At that time, President Trump called his Electoral College tally a landslide. By his own standards, these numbers represented a clear victory then. And I respectfully suggest they do so now.”

“In America, politicians don’t take power, the people grant power to them,” Biden added.

Last-minute filings by President Donald Trump’s legal team failed to convince any court to order a halt on the Electoral College vote in any state.

Republican electors in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin, New Mexico and Nevada — in an unprecedented move — also met and voted Trump the winner in their states, even though the certified results in each of those states show Biden to be the winner.

Presidential aide Stephen Miller announced the move Monday morning on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends” show: “As we speak, today, an alternative slate of electors from the contested states is going to vote, and we’re going to send those results up to Congress. This will ensure that all of our legal remedies remain open. That means that if we win these cases in the courts, that we can direct that the alternate slate of electors be certified.”

Every state has a Republican and a Democratic slate of electors. When the election results are counted and certified, the major party with the winning ticket then gets to make their slate of electors the official electors for the state.

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The Republican electors in the seven swing states, officially won by Biden, have no legal or constitutional authority to meet and pick their own choice for president, but they did it anyway. Their justification was based on the prospect of continued litigation over the election results.

The official ballots from the official Electoral College will then be sent to Washington, where they will be counted by Congress on Jan. 6. If Congress certifies the vote, Biden will then be sworn in as the 46th president on Jan. 20 at noon as mandated by the Constitution along with Harris as vice president.

Alabama has nine electors. Two at-large and one from each of Alabama’s seven Congressional Districts:

  • The at-large electors are Dennis Beavers from Blountsville and Alabama Republican Party Vice Chairman John Wahl from Athens.
  • Jackie Gay of Brewton represents the 1st Congressional District.
  • Jeana Boggs of Deatsville represents the 2nd Congressional District.
  • Joseph Fuller of Alexander City represents the 3rd Congressional District.
  • Rev. John Killian of Fayette represents the 4th Congressional District.
  • Elbert Peters of Huntsville represents the 5th Congressional District.
  • Joan Reynolds of Shoal Creek represents the 6th Congressional District.
  • Alabama Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries Rick Pate of Lowndesboro is representing the 7th Congressional District.

Trump and Pence received Alabama’s nine electoral votes.

Trump is refusing to concede and continues to claim that he actually won the election if not for massive voter fraud in a half a dozen states — none of which has been proven or even substantiated. Biden denies any election fraud occurred and called on Trump to concede in his speech in Delaware on Monday.

Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.

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