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Alabama Republicans call for Biden’s resignation or impeachment

“It is abundantly and agonizingly clear that drastic changes are needed throughout this Administration – beginning at the top,” Congressman Barry Moore said calling for Joe Biden to resign.

President Joe Biden delivers an address to a Joint Session of Congress on April 28, 2021.

Thursday, Congressman Barry Moore, R-AL02, released a statement calling for President Joe Biden (D) to resign following the killing of American Marines in Afghanistan. Several other prominent Alabama Republicans, including Congressman Mo Brooks, R-AL05, have also released statement calling on Biden to either resign or be impeached.

“Today is a painfully dark day in our nation’s history, and we are all experiencing a whirlwind of emotions as we helplessly watch the deadly situation in Afghanistan continue to deteriorate,” Rep. Moore said. “I ask all Americans to join me in praying for our countrymen and allies still trapped on the ground in Afghanistan. The United States has been delivered through many crises in our history, and I believe we will be again.”

“Unfortunately, President Biden’s stubborn refusal to take accountability for this deadly crisis and his inexplicably cavalier attitude toward this low point in American history gives me no confidence that this Administration possesses the leadership or priorities necessary to salvage this disastrous retreat and rescue either our stranded Americans or global reputation,” Moore added. “It is abundantly and agonizingly clear that drastic changes are needed throughout this Administration – beginning at the top. President Biden must acknowledge that he is not up to the task of serving as Commander-in-Chief of the greatest country in the free world, and he must step aside and allow new leadership to guide the United States through these perilous times.”

Congressman Mo Brooks, R-AL-5, voiced similar views.

“President Biden has embarrassed America with his botched Afghanistan withdrawal. Now his decisions have led to dead Americans in Kabul. Biden should take responsibility for this disgrace and resign immediately,” Brooks said on social media.

Brooks is a 2022 candidate for U.S. Senate.

Fellow Senate candidate former U.S. Ambassador Lynda Blanchard expressed a similar opinion on the President’s future after his mishandling of the Afghanistan situation.

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“As Ambassador, I saw Marines guarding our embassy every day,” Blanchard wrote. “Their service is something I never took for granted, and it’s why today’s casualties are so difficult for me to hear. Our thoughts and prayers are with our injured, our fallen heroes and their families, who support them.”

“Our enemies never sleep. This is why we must have strong leadership like we had under President Trump,” Blanchard explained. “Joe Biden has the title but certainly does NOT have the skills to protect us from our enemies. The Afghan disaster is the sad result of Biden’s ineptitude. It is time for Congress to act now. We must #Impeach Joe Biden. #BidenCrisis #Afghanistan #Marines #Trump #alpolitics.”

“Judy and I are praying for the families of the Marines who were killed today as well as for the Americans who are still trapped in Afghanistan,” said Alabama Republican Executive Committee member former state Rep. Perry O. Hooper Jr. “The most pitiful pathetic humiliating moment in American history is occurring, the absolute debacle in Afghanistan. The man responsible Joe Biden must be impeached or removed under the provisions of the 25th Amendment.”

“We knew bad things were in store for our Country the moment Joe Biden was elected,” Hooper added. “We knew especially that he would be an absolute disaster as Commander in Chief.  When Biden selected the architects of Obama’s apology tour to lead his foreign policy team, we knew that President Trump’s policy of peace through strength was coming to an end. When Biden put woke Generals in charge of the Pentagon, we knew that teaching critical race theory would become the top priority instead of strategic readiness for the world’s most elite military. We knew our enemies were going to take full advantage of Biden’s follies. It was beyond our wildest dreams however, that he would give into the threats made by the Taliban.  They drew a line in the sand. American forces must be out of by August 31 or face the “consequences”. Joe Biden blinked and said yes Sir Mr. Taliban. This even after publicly stating he would stay pass the 31st if necessary.”

Alabama Lieutenant Governor Will Ainsworth (R) accused Biden of cowardice and demanded that he be impeached.

Ainsworth said, “The situation in Afghanistan erodes by the hour.  Biden’s cowardly surrender to the anti-Christian Taliban endangers our nation and its citizens.  Terrorists will soon be using our own abandoned weapons against us.  Biden has failed as commander-in-chief and should be IMPEACHED.”

Republican Andy Blalock is running for Congress in Alabama’s Fifth Congressional District.

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Blalock said in a statement, “Alexander Hamilton wrote that impeachment is “a method of national inquest into the conduct of public men” accused of violating the “public trust.””

“This ridiculous Biden administration has abandoned and stranded U.S. citizens and left millions of military equipment and weapons to be used by the Taliban,” Blalock said. “More military than was previously there has been deployed because of Biden’s recklessness.”

“Kamala Harris proclaims to be for women’s rights, but she cannot give so much as a straight answer to what we are doing to insure women and children are taken care of,” Blalock continued. “Impeach Biden and Impeach Harris! They have divided this country with election, with covid, with racism, and they bring this country together to agree with one another ONLY with a crisis In Afghanistan that is killing Americans, allies, and our Military service members.”

Outspoke Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Georgia, has already introduced three impeachment resolutions against Biden for his dereliction of duty in Afghanistan, his violations of immigration law causing a national security crisis on our Southern border, and his usurping of the Constitutional balance of power by ignoring the ruling of the Supreme Court.

“In seven short months, Joe Biden has caused America to lose the respect of the entire world,” Greene said. “The evidence is clear and his actions are so egregious that he must be impeached.”

“In Afghanistan, Biden’s woke generals tucked their tail and ran,” Congresswoman Greene stated. “He dishonored the sacrifices made by every American soldier who fought in the 20-year war, especially those who gave their life for the cause. Biden left behind over 10,000 American citizens to face the terrifying rule of the Taliban as they impose Sharia law across the country. No commander-in-chief should leave Americans behind in the aftermath of a failure.”

It is unlikely that the Democratic led Congress will act on impeaching Biden. Impeachment historically is just a political tool used by the party in charge of the House to investigate and embarrass the President of the other party.

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Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.

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