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Opinion | Biden’s surrender in Afghanistan demands articles of impeachment

In essence, Biden has become the Taliban’s best friend and benefactor.

Lt. Gov. Will Ainsworth speaks during a video message. LT. GOV.'S OFFICE

During my remarks at the recent “Save America” rally that President Donald Trump held in Cullman, I called for the impeachment of Joe Biden, and liberal activists accused me of engaging in the over-the-top hyperbole that is often associated with campaign rhetoric.

Let me be clear: Joe Biden MUST be impeached as soon as possible.

Setting aside the fact that since taking office, Biden’s reduced mental faculties have become more evident and frightening by the day, the media’s coverage of the chaotic American surrender in Afghanistan provides solid evidence that he has abdicated his duties as commander-in-chief by allowing Muslim terrorists to harass, kill, and otherwise harm U.S. citizens and allies and capture billions of dollars of our military’s weapons and infrastructure.

In essence, Biden has become the Taliban’s best friend and benefactor.

As I write this column, initial news reports indicate that at least 13 U.S. service members and roughly 60 Afghans desperately seeking to escape the authoritarian regime of the Taliban have been killed in a terrorist bombing attack, and an additional 15 American soldiers have been injured.

The situation at the Kabul Airport, where the attack took place, is becoming increasingly untenable as thousands of Afghan citizens, most of whom fear retribution from the Taliban and Islamic State for their work to aid U.S. soldiers stationed in their country, are attempting to flee through the only available transportation hub.

Because there are too many military personnel, Americans, and refugees trying to leave and too few aircraft to carry them, it is similar to pointing a firehose at a household funnel – the capacity simply does not exist.

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Had this exact scene occurred under President Trump’s watch, Nancy Pelosi and her Socialist disciples would already have Articles of Impeachment being drafted, and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler would be dusting off his gavel for another round of hearings.

But because Biden is a fellow liberal Democrat, Pelosi and her acolytes react with blind eyes and a zipped lips.

And before anyone rushes to note that President Trump also supported removing U.S. troops from Afghanistan, I am well aware of that fact, but he worked to bring peace with honor, pride, strength, and an organized withdrawal.

Biden, on the other hand, simply threw in the towel and empowered hateful, anti-Christian extremists who subscribe to discredited prehistoric dogma and believe that goats and cattle have more rights than women.

After the U.S. spent $1 trillion and 20 years in Afghanistan, Biden allowed all of the good works that were accomplished and the progress that was made to disappear overnight under a black shroud of Muslim zealotry.

Even worse, both his actions and inactions gave insult to the U.S. soldiers who sacrificed their lives, limbs, and well-being to accomplish a mission that they believed was greater than themselves.

The Pentagon acknowledges that Biden’s chaotic surrender has allowed the Taliban to capture a large number of our nation’s Blackhawk attack helicopters, which cost U.S. taxpayers $21 million each, and A-29 attack aircraft, which carry a $10 million price tag per plane.

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A number of surrendered PC-12 reconnaissance planes, which are outfitted with the latest intelligence technology, will soon have the Taliban banner painted over the American flag that once emblazoned their tails.

When you total all of the drones, missiles, aircraft, automatic weapons, grenade launchers, communications equipment, howitzers, sniper rifles, night vision goggles, vehicles, buildings, and other military assets that were abandoned in place and laid at the feet of the Taliban, their estimated value reaches as high as $83 billion.

Now consider how soon it will be before Taliban terrorists and Islamic fundamentalists use our own weapons against us. Biden has endangered our nation and its citizens in every corner, country, and continent of the world by putting weapons in the hands of those who hate us.

Because Biden is obviously either unwilling or too incapacitated to carry out the duties he swore an oath to fulfill, impeachment or the invoking of the 25th Amendment are our only options to rebuild our national security and restore our international prestige.

It is time for us to return to the “America First!” policies of the Trump administration and recommit ourselves, one and all, to once again making America the greatest, strongest, and most determined nation that history has ever known.

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