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Britt campaign internal polling puts her ahead of Mo Brooks in Senate race

After hearing more information about candidates, Brooks dropped to third, according to the polling company.

Senate candidate Katie Britt on her family farm.

Katie Britt’s campaign on Tuesday said an internal poll puts Britt ahead of U.S. Rep Mo Brooks in the 2022 Senate Republican primary race 31 percent to Brooks’s 30 percent, with two other contenders filling out the rest of the results. 

In a memo from the Alexandria, Virginia-based consulting firm that conducted the poll, TargetPoint, the company said the survey was conducted between Nov. 3 and Nov 8 and among likely GOP primary voters they chose Britt at 31 percent, Brooks at 30 percent, Mike Durant at 12 percent and Jessica Taylor at 7 percent. 

The Britt campaign told APR in a message that the survey polled 300 likely GOP primary voters in Alabama and had a margin of error of +/- 5.66 percent. 

The company’s memo states that Britt’s awareness among likely voters in the primary is up to 78 percent. 

“She also already has the highest favorable rating of any candidate at 59%, with a lot of room to continue to grow,” TargetPoint’s memo reads. 

“After hearing more about each of the frontrunning candidates, Brooks plummets to third place, and Britt moves to a commanding lead in the race for the Republican nomination,” the company said, noting the polling after likely voters heard that information dropped Brooks to third place, with 7 percent, raising Britt up to 56 percent. 

Britt’s campaign, reached by email Tuesday, declined to say what additional information was given to those polled that resulted in Brooks’s drop to third. 

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After hearing from the polling company of Britt’s position on helping small businesses succeed by cutting regulations and lowering taxes, more than 77 percent of voters were more likely to support her, the memo states 

“74% were more likely to vote for her after hearing that she is a Christian conservative. And 71% of voters liked that she brings fresh ideas to the Republican party and can attract new Republican voters,” the memo reads. 

“It is clear that the people of Alabama are ready for fresh blood in the Senate and are tired of ineffective career politicians like Joe Biden and my opponent who have made a living only serving themselves on the taxpayer dime,” Britt said in a statement. “We are working hard each and every day, travelling to every corner of our great state to visit with Alabamians and listen to them. It is clear that our grassroots campaign and Alabama First message is resonating.” 

“People know that I’ll fight tirelessly every day to protect our Christian conservative values and preserve the American Dream for our children and our children’s children,” Britt continued. “We will continue to outwork the field through Election Day and beyond, so we can retake the Senate and the House in 2022 and the White House in 2024. Our country is worth fighting for, and now is the time to step up and win.”

Eddie Burkhalter is a reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter. You can email him at [email protected] or reach him via Twitter.

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