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Chad Robertson announces candidacy for Alabama House

United States Navy Veteran Chad Robertson is seeking the Republican nomination to represent District 40 in the Alabama House.

Chad Robertson

United States Navy Veteran Chad Robertson is seeking the Republican nomination to represent District 40 in the Alabama House of Representatives.

“I love this country, this state and this district. I grew up here and am glad that Laura and I are raising our children here,” Robertson said. “I believe that my entire career has prepared me to serve in the Alabama legislature and to make a positive difference for the entire district.”

As the executive director of the Cleburne Chamber of Commerce and a small business owner, Robertson understands the needs of small businesses and the importance of economic development to the district.

“Economic development and education are the keys to helping our district thrive,” Robertson said. “By continuing to encourage smart growth and attract more high-paying jobs and increasing the quality of living throughout the district, we can make this the kind of place that our children will want to come back to raise their children. I think that is what we all want.”

Robertson also wants to ensure that our nation’s conservative Republican values are protected in the halls of the Alabama Legislature.

“I believe in the Bible and the United States Constitution, and I believe that both should be protected and honored. I will fight hard every day in the legislature to stand for our values and to oppose liberal policies like critical race theory, bans on the 2ndamendment and no-excuse absentee voting,” Robertson explained.

Robertson serves on the Tri-County Tourism Board and on the board of Leadership Cleburne County. He is a committee member of Friends of the Forest.

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Robertson and his wife, Laura (neeCobb), are the owners of Heflin Fitness and Lineville Fitness. They have three children and attend Heflin Baptist Church.

The Republican primary election will be held on May 24, 2022.

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