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Opinion | Lindy Blanchard, candidate for governor of Alabama

There’s no time for empty words or gestures. We need action. We need decisiveness.

Lynda Blanchard greets supporters before announcing her run for governor in Wetumpka on Tuesday, Dec. 7. (Jacob Holmes / APR)

It’s time for a new leader in Alabama. A new leader who does not do things the way they have always been done because they have always been done that way.

Our state and our nation are at a crossroads. As we face rising inflation and energy costs,  borders wide open, election fraud and a decided lack of transparency in our election process as seen in 2020, we need the new direction that only an outsider can bring.

True leadership takes fearlessness and boldness, two qualities I have demonstrated throughout my life and career that I would take with me into the governor’s office as Alabama’s next Governor. 

We are seeing the importance of fighters around the nation and world right now. There’s no time for empty words or gestures. We need action. We need decisiveness.

I was honored to be asked to share my experience as a U.S. Ambassador under President Donald Trump at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) last week. 

While there, I had the opportunity to meet and speak with conservative leaders from across the nation. Governors like Ron DeSantis are showing us how things can and should be done when running a state. U.S. Senators like Marco Rubio and John Kennedy and Representatives who are holding the line in D.C. Activists who love our country and value freedom were everywhere. They share our love for this nation and our concern for its future.

I was able to share how my experiences as a mother of eight, business owner of twenty-eight years, leader of our family’s foundation for seventeen years, and, most recently, as the U.S. Ambassador to Slovenia have prepared me for this moment. I know how to roll up my sleeves and work hard.

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Through our family business and foundation, I learned to focus on what matters most: results. 

On my CPAC panel, we discussed the need for energy independence to drive down the high prices that we are seeing as a result of liberal policies and tax increases. I know what it will take to ease the burden of these costs for Alabama families, like freezing and rolling back the gas tax to keep money in your pockets. 

I know what it takes to broker deals with European nations to sell Alabama goods because I’ve done it. As your Governor, I have every intention of ripping the rug out from under our state’s dependence on trade with China and Russia. 

The Governor should be the first line of defense from federal overreach. I am prepared to stand up to Joe Biden, China, and those who want to destroy our nation from within. 

Weakness and complacency are where we are. Showing weakness on a world stage is how our enemies know to act against us and our allies. President Donald Trump didn’t back down from a fight, not from foreign leaders or those within his own party. It’s no coincidence Putin waited for Joe Biden to take office before pulling what he is now. He would not have done this under Trump!

As an Ambassador under President Trump, I worked to strengthen our partnerships with NATO nations while pursuing Trump’s agenda to take the cost burden off the American people and have other nations pay their own way. 

I brokered a first-of-its-kind banking deal. I returned home from my post to sell defense goods from Redstone Arsenal to European nations. 

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These accomplishments are why President Trump, in a room full of our nation’s most accomplished conservative leaders, activists, and former administration appointees, singled me out and acknowledged my hard work from the stage during his keynote speech saying, “Thank you, Lynda. Good job.” 

I have worked relentlessly for decades before deciding to run for office myself. I’ve listened to you while on the campaign trail, and I will listen to you when I’m elected as the next Governor of this great state. 

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