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American Family Association Action endorses Tim James for governor

James’ campaign announced the endorsement of Tim Wildmon, president emeritus of American Family Association Action.

Tim James

The Tim James Governor Campaign announced the endorsement of Tim Wildmon, President Emeritus of American Family Association Action.

In his endorsement, Wildmon said: “I rarely endorse candidates for public office, but Tim James presents an exceptional opportunity to elect a true Christian statesman with the guts and wisdom to accomplish great things as Governor of Alabama.

“Tim has the Christian worldview that is the beginning of any great public servant. From that worldview, Tim applies Biblical truth to the great challenges facing the State of Alabama. Tim believes in absolute religious liberty in an age of atheistic hostility to the Biblical foundations of our Nation. Tim is enthusiastically pro-life and stands for Biblical marriage because marriage was not created by government but by God. Tim will protect women and young girls from the radical left who try to bully their way into girls’ locker rooms and women’s sports.

“Tim James is a man of courage. Many candidates talk a good game, but Tim has the courage and wisdom to stand strong in the day of trouble and to do what he says he will do. I encourage voters in Alabama – especially those that agree with the Biblical values of AFA Action – to vote for Tim James for Governor.”

James said of the endorsement, “It is a high honor to receive the endorsement from Tim Wildmon and AFA Action. We are at a tipping point as a country. We will either go the way of Marxism or return to our godly heritage. Strong governors and great organizations like AFA Action are key to leading our Nation forward.”

Already recognized as one of the top contenders in the Alabama governor’s race, Tim James has been putting together a strong organization of business, community and faith leaders who are ready to fight back against the radical liberalism being pushed out from Washington. This is the first of many endorsements and organizational announcements that will speak to the depth and breadth of the James Campaign.

The Republican primary will be held on May 24.

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