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Troy University to freeze tuition, continue Clear Cost pricing plan

Troy University will freeze tuition for the upcoming 2022-2023 academic year.

Troy University

Troy University will freeze tuition for the upcoming 2022-2023 academic year and retain the Clear Cost Plan pricing structure that greatly reduces the number of fees students pay and creates a more transparent cost to attend.

Current tuition rates will remain unchanged for the upcoming school year. Last fall, TROY piloted a new pricing structure called the Clear Cost Plan that established single tuition prices for undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students across all TROY campuses, whether in-class or online, and eliminated most fees, including course fees and registration fees. Tuition for the next year will remain:

  • Undergraduate – $388 per credit hour
  • Graduate – $475 per credit hour
  • Doctoral – $550 per credit hour

The Clear Cost Plan eliminates most fees students typically incur while attending TROY. Students no longer pay the general fee ($42 per credit hour), program/course fees ($8 to $40 per credit hour for some courses), the student recreation fee ($100 per semester in the fall and spring/$50 in the summer), the online course fee ($50 per credit hour), lab fees and registration fees.

“The goal of our Clear Cost Plan was to create a simple, flexible, easy-to-understand, and transparent approach to college pricing,” said Dr. Jack Hawkins, Jr., Chancellor. “Troy University has always been committed to providing quality education and experience at an affordable price. I am grateful for the stewardship, cost savings, and sound financial management that has allowed us to avoid a tuition increase for the upcoming year.”

Sohail Agboatwala, Senior Vice Chancellor for Student Services and Administration, said the Clear Cost Plan makes it easier to understand the real cost of attending TROY.

“This move creates more transparency in pricing, making it easier for students, parents, or anyone considering attending TROY to understand the cost to attend,” Agboatwala said. “By eliminating many fees, the cost of taking classes at TROY has a clear ‘price tag,’ one that remains strongly competitive with the price of other universities in Alabama or around the nation.”

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