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Lt. Gov. Ainsworth: 53 public schools receiving prestigious “Purple Star” designation

The designation for their efforts to assist military children with school transition and developing programs that recognize military service.


Lieutenant Governor Will Ainsworth announced on Wednesday that 53 public schools across Alabama have been awarded the prestigious “Purple Star School” designation for their efforts to assist military children with school transition and developing programs that recognize military service and civic responsibility.

The Alabama Legislature adopted a resolution in 2021 to participate in the national “Purple Star” program and appointed a committee, which is chaired by Ainsworth, to recognize schools that qualify for the designation. The program is designed to address such issues as gaps and overlaps in the courses being taught, differing graduation requirements, and social and emotional challenges.

“Since taking office, I have worked hard to ensure Alabama remains that nation’s most friendly and welcoming state for active duty military personnel, their dependents, and veterans,” said Ainsworth, whose office also oversees the Alabama Military Stability Commission. “Because of transfers and various postings, the average military child will attend six to nine schools during their K – 12 years, so it is important for Alabama to partner in efforts to ease their transition and welcome them to our state with open arms.”

In order to qualify for “Purple Star” designation, applying schools must first create a child-to-child peer program for military students, appoint a school liaison for military families, designate a website page specifically for military family resources, provide staff with professional development on assisting  military students and families, and conductschool programs promoting civic responsibility and military service.

Alabama schools achieving “Purple Star” status in its inaugural year within the state are:

Autauga County Schools

Prattville High School

Prattville Junior High School

Daniel Pratt Elementary School

Dale County Schools

South Dale Middle School

Enterprise City Schools

Enterprise Early Education Center

Harrand Creek Elementary School

Hillcrest Elementary School

Holly Hill Elementary School

Pinedale Elementary School

Rucker Boulevard Elementary School

Coppinville Junior High School

Dauphin Junior High School

Enterprise High School

Homewood City Schools

Homewood Middle School

Homewood High School

Hoover City Schools

Riverchase Elementary School

Madison City Schools

Liberty Middle School

Mill Creek Elementary School

Heritage Elementary School

Midtown Elementary School

Horizon Elementary School

Discovery Middle School

James Clemens High School

Columbia Elementary School

Bob Jones High School

Rainbow Elementary School

Madison Elementary School

Madison County Schools

Walnut Grove Elementary School

Meridianville Middle School

Lynn Fanning Elementary School

Buckhorn High School

Riverton Elementary School

Mt. Caramel Elementary School

Montgomery Public Schools

Wynton Blount Elementary School

Ozark City Schools

Carroll High School

Da Smith Middle School

Phenix City Schools

Meadowland Elementary School

Lakewood Primary School

South Girard School

Ridgecrest Elementary School

Central Freshman Academy

Phenix City Intermediate School

Sherwood Elementary School

Westview Elementary School

Central High School

Phenix City Elementary School

Lakewood Elementary School

Pike Road City Schools

Pike Road Intermediate School

Pike Road Elementary School

Pike Road Junior High School

Pike Road High School

Russell County School District

Russell County Middle School

Russell County High School

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