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Secretary of State reminds voters of ban on crossover voting

The law prevents voters who voted in the Republican primary from voting in the Democratic runoff, and vice versa.


As the 2022 primary runoff election approaches, Secretary of State John Merrill is reminding voters who voted in the primaries that they must vote in the same political party’s runoff.

Since 2017, Alabama’s Crossover Voting Law has been in effect and it prohibits crossover voting within a particular election cycle. For example, if a voter cast a ballot in the Republican primary election, then they are prohibited from casting a ballot in the Democratic primary runoff election. That voter must cast a ballot in the Republican runoff and vice versa.

However, voters who did not participate in the May 24 Primary Election or voters who strictly voted on constitutional amendments, are free to cast a ballot in either party’s Primary Runoff Election.

Voters seeking more information are asked to contact the Secretary of State’s Elections Division at (334) 242-7210.

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