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Democratic candidate Yolanda Flowers to face incumbent Kay Ivey in governor race

Flowers now faces a massive uphill battle against incumbent Republican Gov. Kay Ivey.

Yolanda Flowers

Yolanda Flowers will square off with incumbent Governor Kay Ivey in November after defeating Malika Sanders-Fortier in the lone Democratic runoff Tuesday night.

Flowers secured about 55 percent of the vote Tuesday, beating Sanders-Fortier by a solid 10 percentage points. 

“I thank God for everything he’s done for us tonight, but the race isn’t over,” she told Tuesday night. “We still must continue on to encourage our citizens how important it is to vote for the betterment of our state.”

Flowers led the primary as well but had a much smaller lead over Sanders-Fortier. She had received 33.8 percent of the vote while Sanders-Fortier had secured 32.5 percent.

Flowers faces a massive uphill challenge to defeat Ivey, a heavy favorite to be re-elected.

Ivey received more than 350,000 votes in the primary, compared to just over 50,000 for Flowers in the same election. With the lower turnout for the runoff, Flowers secured just a tenth of Ivey’s primary haul.

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Jacob Holmes is a reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter. You can reach him at [email protected]



Voters have an additional two days, ending June 16, to apply for an absentee ballot by hand.

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Her popularity is probably the reason she had no serious thoroughbreds challenge her in the gubernatorial derby.


In an interview with APR, Flowers tended to oppose abortion legislation, instead suggesting the issue should be left to "God's judgment."


Yolanda Flowers and Malika Sanders-Fortier were separated by a thin 1 percent margin in the Democratic primary on Tuesday.