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Owners show off electric vehicles at Gulf Coast Motor Show

The Mobile-based Drive Electric Alabama chapter participated in the Gulf Coast Motor Show on Saturday at The Grounds in Mobile.

Drive Electric Alabama

The Mobile-based Drive Electric Alabama chapter – composed of current electric vehicle owners and those enthusiasts interested in learning about EVs – participated in the Gulf Coast Motor Show on Saturday at The Grounds in Mobile.

The event allowed visitors to compare and contrast EVs with traditional, gasoline-powered vehicles and gave EV owners the chance to dispel EV misconceptions in 1-on-1 conversations.

“Electric vehicles are so new, especially to many motorists here on the Gulf Coast, so we wanted to find a way to talk directly to people and let them know how we use our EVs every day,” said Dale Holden, a leader of the Drive Electric Alabama chapter in Mobile. “People often think of EVs as vehicles that are small and have little power. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.”

Market research shows a majority of Alabamians have never driven or ridden in an EV. With around 10,000 EVs, and growing daily, now registered in Alabama, the sight of an EV is becoming less and less a novelty.

Major Alabama and national auto manufacturers have announced, and are developing, all-electric sedans, SUVs and full-sized pick-up trucks, and those new models are increasingly appealing to consumers of all ages. In addition, EV owners save money on fuel and maintenance costs.

EV owners answered questions about range, affordability, every-day commuting and other issues surrounding EVs at Saturday’s event in Mobile.

“It’s always powerful to see someone who has never sat inside an EV get a chance to talk to real-life EV owners,” said Michael Staley, President of the Alabama Clean Fuels Coalition and one of the state’s leading EV experts. “They often walk away with a brand-new perspective on EVs and how one might fit their family. I certainly commend our Drive Electric Alabama chapter members for putting their EVs on display alongside gasoline-powered vehicles. That really shows just how mainstream EVs have become.”

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Drive Electric Alabama will also be part of three more showcase-style events in the coming weeks – in Auburn on Sept. 19, in Huntsville on Sept. 25 and in Birmingham on Oct. 1. All three allow anyone to talk 1-on-1 with the many EV owners showcasing their personal vehicles.

In addition, the inaugural Drive Electric Alabama EV Summit is scheduled for Sept. 21-22 at the BJCC Complex in Birmingham.

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