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Video appears to show Alabama prison guard beating incarcerated man

The name of the incarcerated individual being beaten is not currently known.

A screenshot from a social media video that appears to show an Alabama prison guard beating an incarcerated individual on a roof. VIA ALABAMA FAMILIES UNITED

A video shared on social media appears to show a correctional officer at the Elmore County Correctional facility beating an incarcerated individual on the roof of a building at the facility.

The video shows what appears to be a group of correctional staff outside a building at the Elmore County facility, with an incarnated man in distress on the roof’s edge. An individual correctional guard is seen walking up towards the distressed individual at the crest of the roof. 

Warning: The embedded videos are graphic.

The correctional guard then pulls the individual away from the edge of the roof and appears to begin beating him.

A separate angle of the incident, shared in a video on social media, shows what appears to be the correctional officer striking the individual three times, before pausing and striking an additional two times. 

The name of the incarcerated individual being beaten is not currently known, with the video taken on Wednesday, according to a source within the Alabama correctional system.

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APR was not able to verify the identity of the correctional officer beating the individual on the rooftop. 

ADOC has yet to comment on the incident as of Friday afternoon.

John is a reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter. You can contact him at [email protected] or via Twitter.



Incarcerated individuals are alleging that correctional staff in Alabama prisons have begun depriving them of sufficient meals.


The protestors delivered a list of demands to the Alabama Department of Corrections on Monday.


The Elmore County facility is currently on enforced lockdown, with no yard time or purchases available in the prison store.


Several posts shared by families of incarcerated individuals show photos and describe substandard meals being served to incarcerated individuals.