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Cannabis Association issues deadline alert amid increase in applications

The deadline to apply is December 30.

Alabama Medical Cannabis Association
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The Alabama Medical Cannabis Association reminds Alabama municipalities to issue a resolution or ordinance before the fast-approaching deadline. 

As an organization, the Alabama Medical Cannabis Association recommends city and county governments pass resolutions or ordinances to be able to host a dispensary in their area. According to the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission, over 28 municipalities and local governments have issued such a resolution or ordinance. AMCA recommends passing a resolution or ordinance before the deadline, which is right around the corner.

Last week the Alabama Medical Cannabis Association released polling which illustrates the high approval rating of the recent legislation. Seventy-nine percent of respondents are in favor of legal medical cannabis, and only 9% are against it. 

“These numbers are slightly better than even we expected,” Alabama Medical Cannabis Association Executive Director Patrick Lindsey said in a statement on Wednesday. “It shows both the need for the product, and it shows that this process is establishing an industry that is here to stay.” 

The deadline to apply is December 30. Prospective applicants must have previously requested an application and satisfied the prerequisite criteria to receive an application. Counties and municipalities can submit resolutions and ordinances through the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission.

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