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Alabama’s Republican representatives opposed $1.7 trillion spending bill

Republicans criticized the bill for being passed during a “lame-duck” Congress and for not focusing on “American priorities.”

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The U.S. House of Representatives approved a $1.7 trillion spending bill on Friday to avoid a government shutdown, over the protest of most of Alabama’s representation.

Only Democrat Rep. Terri Sewell voted in favor of the bill, while every Republican representative opposed it as the vote mostly fell along party lines.

“While there are some good things in the bill, there are way too many bad things for me to support it,” said Rep. Jerry Carl. “This bill spends billions of taxpayer dollars on things like beefing up the IRS and the UN, while doing nothing to secure our southern border and stop the flow of deadly drugs into our communities, ease the burden of inflation on hardworking American families, or lower the cost of fuel. These should be our top priorities, but this bill simply does nothing to address these issues.”

Rep. Barry Moore criticized Republicans in the Senate for supporting the bill.

“This bill not only continues or increases funding for the Biden administration’s most dangerous policies, but because the vote occurred after the November elections, Democrats were unshackled by accountability from the voters and free to include even more radical programs from their wish list,” Moore said. “I was encouraged at the overwhelming opposition from the American people to this disastrous legislation, but it was disappointing to watch so many of their elected representatives sign off on whatever was necessary to get home for the holidays. With so many Senate Republicans time and again unwilling to go to the mat for our voters, House Republicans must take the lead in the next Congress fighting for the interests of the American people.”

Outgoing Sen. Richard Shelby pushed the bill, and secured billions in funding for certain Alabama priorities, while Sen. Tommy Tuberville also approved the bill.

“This over 4,000-page bill fails to address issues that matter most to the American people. Our border is left open during a record wave of illegal immigration,” said Rep. Gary Palmer. “Almost $4 billion is spent on energy assistance programs while Democrats continue to vilify widely available forms of energy and drive-up costs. The $800 billion aimed at non-defense spending is the highest level in the history of the nation while our country is experiencing inflation at 7.1% compared to last year.”

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“Going forward, I am hopeful that the new Republican-led Majority in the House will allow us to pass government funding bills on time, that address our nation’s most pressing problems and abide by the conservative principles which constituents in Alabama’s Fourth Congressional District hold dear,” said Rep. Robert Aderholt.

Having cleared both chambers, the bill only awaits a signature from President Joe Biden for final approval.

Jacob Holmes is a reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter. You can reach him at [email protected]

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