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ADEM takes enforcement action against former used oil transporter

Alabama Oil & Gas Recovery has ceased operations at a facility on Blackjack Road in Trussville.

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The Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) has issued a notice of violation to Alabama Oil & Gas Recovery Inc., directing the former used oil transporter to take action to properly close its tank systems and container storage areas at its transfer facility in Trussville and remove and properly manage materials stored there.

Alabama Oil & Gas Recovery has ceased operations at the facility at 2400 Blackjack Road in Trussville. ADEM determined the company failed to properly close the tank systems and container storage area, and failed to remove or decontaminate containment systems, contaminated soils, and structures and equipment contaminated with used oil. In addition, the company did not have a current Alabama Used Oil Transport Permit.

ADEM personnel inspected the site on Jan. 24. Water monitoring downstream of the site has shown no impacts to water quality.

“The Department hereby directs that Alabama Oil & Gas Recovery, Inc. submit a response detailing what actions have been or will be taken to address the violations noted above within thirty (30) days of receipt of this notice,” the Notice of Violation said. “Specifically, the Department requires that Alabama Oil and Gas Recovery, Inc. immediately secure and stabilize the site to prevent release of contaminants and to submit a written closure plan describing the steps that will be taken by Alabama Oil & Gas Recovery, Inc. to remove and properly manage all material currently in storage at the facility, decontaminate or properly manage all equipment used during the operation and closure of the facility, and remove or decontaminate all impacted soils at the facility. The closure plan must include the planned schedule for implementation of the plan.”

The notice also said, “the Department retains the option to take additional action, including the imposition of monetary penalties, for the noted violation(s) as well as for failure to comply with the requirements of this notice.”

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