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APM Terminals Mobile targets U.S. Southeast and Midwest logistics growth

Additional tracks, rail yard storage space and improved access from the berth to the railyard are planned.

APM Terminals Mobile

In response to customer demand for more supply chain gateway options and inland rail logistics, APM Terminals Mobile will invest in expanding its rail infrastructure capabilities.  Additional tracks, rail yard storage space and improved access from the berth to the railyard are planned. The improvements are designed to enhance productivity, safety and supply chain speed to market.  

“Our customers are looking for expanded options for their supply chains so we are focusing on faster connections to rail providers into inland markets,” said Leo Huisman, Head of APM Terminals Americas. The company’s operational focus is based on vessels which can arrive at any hour and can start port operations immediately.  The exclusive APM Terminals Mobile rail facility will enable faster rail loading and departures. The project will take approximately 24 months to complete and will increase the total length of working rail track at the facility to 12,000 ft.  

As part of the project, the Alabama Port Authority is constructing a roadway fly-over bridge to permit unimpeded railway access to-from the facility, which will enable APM Terminals Mobile to provide ondock rail service. The rail facility will also link APM Terminals Mobile to the future Alabama Port Authority’s Montgomery, Alabama inland port which is expected to be completed in 2025. 

APM Terminals Mobile is doubling its container terminal capacity for future growth to be over one million TEU in 2025 supported by the Mobile harbor channel deepening and widening project to 50’ depth, which will accommodate the larger vessels entering the global fleet. The harbor improvements will make Mobile the deepest harbor in the U.S. Gulf, with no bridges or other height-restrictive infrastructure interfering with access to the terminal. “These improvements and our expanded rail facility will ensure customer competitiveness and strengthen Alabama as the preferred logistics corridor,” Mr. Huisman added.

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