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Governor releases statements following successful Special Session

Ivey on Thursday commended the Alabama Legislature for the special session.

Gov. Kay Ivey delivers the 2023 State of the State address. Hal Yeager/Governor's Office

Governor Kay Ivey on Thursday commended the Alabama Legislature for their successful Special Session. 

Governor Ivey released the following statement upon signing legislation appropriating Alabama’s $1.06 billion in American Rescue Plan Act Funds: 

“I commend the Alabama Legislature for, once again, answering the call to invest these one-time funds wisely to make improvements in Alabamians’ quality of life, including water, sewer and broadband expansion projects, as well as health care. Alabama can now look to a future of greater promise thanks to the steps we have taken this week to invest these funds wisely” stated Governor Kay Ivey.

Governor Kay Ivey issued the following statement upon signing Act appropriating funds to pay off debt to Alabama Trust Fund:

“Eleven years ago during more challenging economic times, the state made a pledge to repay $437 million borrowed from the Alabama Trust Fund in order to bolster the General Fund. Last week, I called upon the Alabama Legislature to finally pay back the remainder of these borrowed funds, noting that unlike D.C., we pay our debts. Today, I am pleased to report that lawmakers have responded to my call by swiftly passing legislation appropriating the final $59,997,772 payment due to the Alabama Trust Fund. This is responsible stewardship of the people’s money and a fitting start to a historic Session. I am proud to sign this Act restoring the Alabama Trust Fund,” said the Governor.

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