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Opinion | The game plan is a win for rural business

Through all four bills in this legislative package, Alabama’s economy will continue to thrive.

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Over the last 8 years, Alabama’s business climate has seen significant improvement due to the creation and implementation of the Alabama Jobs Act and the Growing Alabama Act. As a result of these economic development incentive programs, counties across the state have received substantial capital investment in their economy along with more jobs, directly and indirectly, for their citizens.

In Cullman County alone, this legislation has incentivized and activated several companies and projects, resulting in over $199 million in capital investment and creating more than 650 jobs in the area. I’m proud to share that my company, HomTex, Inc., was able to establish 100 jobs as part of a $5 million project. While economic development in rural areas often comes with unique challenges, high-impact businesses in these communities can be game changers.

Other companies in Cullman County supported by the Alabama Jobs Act and Growing Alabama Act include:

  • REHAU Construction – 51 jobs
  • Topre America Corporation – 148 jobs
  • Royal Technologies Corporation – 50 jobs
  • Reliance Worldwide Corporation – 130 jobs
  • REHAU Automotive LLC – 125 jobs
  • North Alabama Fabricating Company, Inc. – 50 jobs

Our state’s leaders have identified this potential and are actively working to position rural Alabama for these kinds of projects and the jobs that come with them. They understand the importance of every one of the 67 counties in this state. With legislation like Governor Ivey’s “Game Plan,” rural Alabama will continue to win. 

Legislative leaders on both sides of the aisle have gotten behind this package, and the Business Council of Alabama, who represents the concerns of 1 million working Alabamians across the state, has set this as their top legislative priority this session. Cullman’s own Senator Garlan Gudger is committed to enhancing our business community, and a sponsor on each of the four bills, as well.

As the CEO of a minority- and family-owned business in Alabama, I am grateful for the multifaceted approach this legislation takes to support more people, industries, and areas of our state. In order to compete with our neighboring states in recruiting new companies to do business here, we must strengthen and renew our economic incentives. Through all four bills in this legislative package, Alabama’s economy will continue to thrive, benefitting our workforce and delivering innovative solutions across the region, country, and world.

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