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City of Hoover unveils new development project

While health and wellness will be a prime focus at Riverwalk Village, the development also will  include a central greenspace with a variety of other amenities.

Riverwalk Village Rendering
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The City of Hoover “proudly joins” with Regions Bank and Healthcare Resources to announce the upcoming development of Riverwalk Village, which will be the first phase of bringing new forms of innovative health care to the city. This new, mixed-use community will sit in the heart of Hoover in the Riverchase area and will focus on health and wellness by including medical offices, walking trails and green spaces, as well as housing and retail areas.  

“The City of Hoover is excited to unveil this project. It will be a significant development for the  metro area,” says Hoover Mayor Frank Brocato. “Riverchase is a beautiful, Class A office park which has been an important part of our city’s development. As the global economy changes, it is smart planning to reimagine what these areas can become. Riverwalk Village’s combination of  wellness, business, residential, and clinical care will help propel Hoover into our next chapter.”  

“Providing high quality access to health care is a defining metric in a city’s mission to building  and sustaining a high quality of life for its residents and visitors,” adds Hoover City Council  President John Lyda. “Riverwalk Village will be a transformative project for the Riverchase area  of Hoover that will offer additional, state of the art access to care and serve as a catalyst for  commercial and residential investment through the creation of Hoover’s first health and wellness  centered development.”  

The new development will be located on a 90-acre tract near Riverchase Parkway that includes 450,000 square feet of existing corporate offices. It will include the Riverwalk Health & Wellness Center, which will offer a wide range of healthcare services for all stages of life, from  pediatrics to geriatrics. Development company Healthcare Resources is under contract to  purchase the site.  

The project was facilitated by the Hoover Health Care Authority, which was established by the  City of Hoover in 2021. The Authority’s vision is to create, develop and promote a forward looking innovative medical district within the City, in which healthcare providers, health  research companies and clinical educators can thrive with knowledgeable and motivated  partnerships. Expanding high quality clinical opportunities for area residents is a high priority  within that vision. The Authority anticipates some additional exciting announcements in the  coming weeks about major initiatives to complement the Riverwalk Village project.  

“Hoover needs enhanced healthcare opportunities to keep pace with our continued growth. The Hoover Health Care Authority is excited to have great partners as we expand the availability of  innovative wellness, diagnostic, treatment and restorative services for our residents and visitors,” says Hoover Health Care Authority Chair Alan Paquette. “This unique campus will elevate the  quality of life across our city and neighboring communities.” 

The project represents an expansion and re-imagining of Regions Bank’s North and South  Buildings. Regions, one of the largest employers in Shelby County, will maintain a significant  presence in the existing and new development.  

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“We’re proud to build on our long-term commitment to Hoover while helping strengthen the  community by supporting these additional services and public greenspaces,” says Brett Couch, head of Regions Corporate Real Estate and Procurement. “Regions Bank and our associates will  continue to have a major presence throughout Hoover, both in Riverchase and our nearby branch  locations. And we’re pleased our associates will be among the beneficiaries of the new wellness  development and other amenities in Riverchase.”  

Regions Bank will also continue to own and manage its modern Riverchase Operations Center,  located a short distance away from the Riverwalk Village site.  

While health and wellness will be a prime focus at Riverwalk Village, the development also will  include a central greenspace with a variety of other amenities in a park-like setting to enhance  the quality of life in Hoover and surrounding areas. The plans also call for community spaces  and working with the City of Hoover to be part of creating miles of trails to improve walkability  and connectivity, linking the northern and southern parts of Hoover.  

“We are excited about Riverwalk Village, what it will offer to current Hoover residents and the  potential for what it can become,” says Christy Roddy of Healthcare Resources. “The future of healthcare is focused on integrating prevention and wellness as part of overall patient care. This site is uniquely positioned to be able to bring those aspects to the community. We feel honored to  be a part of this incredible opportunity.”  

The proximity of the Riverchase property to existing research, biotechnology and life sciences  companies reinforces the chosen location for this health-focused development and has the  potential to attract not only specialty medical groups but also additional life sciences and biotech  companies to the area.  

The development team includes Healthcare Resources in conjunction with Corporate Realty and  Home Communities Company, as well as Brasfield & Gorrie, Goodwyn Mills Cawood, and Earl Swensson Associates. 

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