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Leaked Patriot Front communications reveal Huntsville man’s application

The man indicated he works for a Department of Defense contractor in missile systems and noted Jews as the major threat to America.

Masked men identifying themselves as the white supremacist group Patriot Front protest a Prattville pride picnic on Saturday, June 24, 2023.
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A demonstration of 13 men associated with the white supremacist group Patriot Front in Prattville last week was the first known time in Alabama that the group has shown itself in person.

However, the group has been operating in the state for years, with propaganda materials showing up in Birmingham and the hacking of a roadside sign along I-65 in Clanton.

Internal communications leaked by the antifascist media collective Unicorn Riot in January 2022 revealed numerous aspects of the organization’s inner workings, including in Alabama.

For instance, the messages show other members congratulating Alabamians Wesley Van Horn, of Lexington, on his December 2021 promotion to network director over portions of Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia. Messages from Van Horn, who used the codename Christopher — AL on the groups communication server, go so far as to include a map of where his network members live: three in the suburbs of Birmingham, one in Huntsville and two in East Alabama (plus Van Horn himself, who resides in the Lexington area).

Jeff Tischauser said the Huntsville member on that map, identified as Ian Michael Elliott, has since moved on to another white supremacist organization after being doxxed by Atlanta Antifa and having to give up his network director position to Van Horn.

But a message from Van Horn to another chapter leader revealed an application for another Huntsville man, who is unknown.

Early in the interview, the man lists his employer as a Department of Defense contractor working in missile systems.

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He also describes his political ideology: “Fascism. Thinking aligns with Mosley. Fascism is the will of the people bodied in the state. The people have common blood, culture and heritage.”

He also confirms that he has read the group’s manifesto, which isn’t included. But commeting on the manifesto, the man wrote “European Americans share a blood tie that cannot be shared with others and without that America falls apart.”

The application does not include the questions asked, although the general idea of the questions can often be gleaned from the answers given.

A set of the man’s answers indicate how he became radicalized to the Patriot Front group.

“Used to be average libertarian. Got exposed to communists. Was shocked by their views. Never saw a positive role model in Democracy. Started reading fascists like Mosley.”

That was the second reference to Oswald Mosley, leader of the British Union of Fascists in the lead up to World War II. Mosley became a notable Holocaust denier, blaming the Holocaust on the Jews and claiming Adolf Hitler was unaware.

The man says he found Patriot Front on Telegram, a social media platform that has been popular for white supremacists to gain a foothold.

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“Saw a video of us spray painting over George Floyd mural,” Van Horn informs his fellow member of the applicant’s first knowledge of the group.

The applicant also states that Europeans viewed him as American “because of his whiteness” and that they didn’t see others as American.

Apparently new to far-right activism, the man said he could not continue to sit ont he sidelines while “the nation is facing this crisis.”

“Ingrained anti-American group that despises everything that it means to be American (aka the Jews) wants to take down America slowly from the inside.”

He agreed with the violence statement of the group (which isn’t stated) and says violence is warranted when someone is “coming at you with the intent to cause harm.”

What does he believe is the biggest threat to America?

“Destabilization caused by the Jewish groups.”

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The man also describes himself as a Christian, but could work with other religious groups.

“The kingdom of God is the most important thing at the end of the day. Found that the Bible was infallible,” Van Horn wrote, paraphrasing the man’s answer. “It is the absolute moral foundation that he lives by.”

Again, the applicant referenced writings by Mosely and by Benito Mussolini, the leader of fascist Italy alongside Germany during World War II.

“Can see himself being part of these movements back in the day.”

He also details some his height and weight, and some of his “skills” as physical fitness is an important part of the group. The man is 6’!” and weighs 177 lbs. He could “run a mile in under 10 minutes” and “took jiu-jitsu and could teach others.” He also “has camping skills and navigate over land pretty well. Can maintain water supply.”

Finally, the man commented on his ideal family structure.

“Man is bread winner and head of families while the mother is the homemaker. Boys should be taught things like hunting and how to bring home food while girls should be taught to be home makers. This is not what we see today because of feminism and the necessity of dual incomes. His upbringing was similar to his ideal family structure. Thinks that homosexuality, pornography ect. are disgusting abominations.”

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Jacob Holmes is a reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter. You can reach him at [email protected]

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