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Rep. Barry Moore wants to impeach FBI director over “weaponization” of bureau

Moore is a cosponsor of articles of impeachment that claim the FBI is targeting citizens “deemed enemies of the Biden regime.”

FBI Headquarters in Washington D.C.
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The U.S. House Judiciary Committee today will grill FBI director Chris Wray about the Republicans’ perceived weaponization of the department, and Rep. Barry Moore, R-Alabama will be among those leading the charge.

Moore is one of two co-sponsors of articles of impeachment against Wray introduced by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green, R-Georgia, “for facilitating the development of a Federal police force to intimidate, harass, and entrap American citizens that are deemed enemies of the Biden regime.”

A Trump appointee, Wray has strongly denied politicizing the department.

“I accepted President Trump’s nomination to be FBI director because I believe deeply in the men and women of the agency that I worked with for so many years earlier in my career and I think are the finest professionals in this space on the planet,” Wray said in an April appearance before congressional appropriators.

“Too often in today’s world, people’s standard for whether they think something was fair or objective or independent boils down to whether or not they like the outcome or not whether their side won or lost.”

The hearing comes on the heels of accusations that the department has protected Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, from prosecution and just days after the indictment of Gal Luft, a Trump adviser that the GOP had touted as a whistleblower with information on Biden family corruption. 

Now House Judiciary Committee chairman Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, is proposing to strip the department of funding unless it moves to Huntsville,” away from the “liberal politics” of Washington, D.C., in an article published Tuesday in the Wall Street Journal.

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The FBI is currently building a secondary headquarters in Huntsville, but the Bureau told the Journal that the facility wouldn’t accommodate the Bureau’s 8,500 employees.

Jacob Holmes is a reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter. You can reach him at [email protected]

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