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Greg Lowery announces candidacy for House District 16

Greg Lowery, a native son of Alabama’s House District 16, has declared his candidacy for the Republican nomination in the district.

Greg Lowery has declared his Republican candidacy for House District 16. Campaign photo
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In an announcement today, Greg Lowery, a native son of Alabama’s House District 16, has declared his Republican candidacy for the position of State Representative.

Raised within the rich traditions and strong moral fabric of this district, Lowery, a third-generation farmer, small businessman, and worship leader, has a keen understanding of the district’s values and priorities. His dedication to community service stems from a deep love for Alabama and its people, whom he regards as the backbone of the state and heart of the nation.

“We’re living in a time where our traditions, values, and freedoms are under relentless assault,” Lowery expressed in his announcement. He laid out a vision for Alabama’s future where constitutional liberties are safeguarded, community spirit thrives, and economic prosperity is inclusive and beneficial for all.

Lowery is deeply committed to educational excellence and enhancing vocational training programs for today’s jobs. He firmly believes in providing every Alabamian child with an opportunity to succeed through a robust education system, free from partisan indoctrination and is a strong advocate for school choice.

An unabashed supporter of economic freedom, Lowery recognizes the importance of creating a business environment that fosters job creation, stimulates growth, and protects the rights of workers. He is committed to fighting policies that stifle innovation and burden hardworking Alabamians.

As a champion of public safety, Lowery promises to support law enforcement and advocate for policies that ensure every Alabamian’s security in their community. 

Lowery concluded his announcement with an appeal for the public’s support. “We are at a crossroads,” he stated, “the decisions we make today will determine the Alabama our children and grandchildren inherit. Together, we will keep Alabama strong, free, and prosperous.”

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