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Tuberville visits Bay Minette to discuss farm bill, makes new comments on SPACECOM

Tuberville said he does not regret his decision to hold up Pentagon nominations and that it didn’t affect the SPACECOM decision.

Sen. Tommy Tuberville

Sen. Tommy Tuberville, R-Alabama, visited Bay Minette on Tuesday to hold a discussion on the 2023 farm bill in Congress. The senator also made new comments regarding Space Command.

Tuberville held a discussion with local farmers at Coastal Alabama Community College along with Alabama Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries, Rick Pate.

The stop in Bay Minette was part of a number of public hearings throughout multiple locations in Alabama Tuberville and Pate conducted Tuesday. 

Tuberville sits on the U.S. Senate Agriculture Committee and said he wanted to hear from Alabama farmers to understand their problems and advocate for them regarding the farm bill.

The farm bill encompasses legislation that is passed every five years and affects farmers, the food they can grow, programs to help farmers and more. The discussion lasted close to 40 minutes and included a range of topics from labor to China buying Alabama’s farmland and climate change. 

During an interview with the media following the discussion Tuberville stated that President Joe Biden’s decision was politically motivated and put national security at risk. Tuberville said he and other Republican lawmakers from Alabama would continue fighting to, “hopefully get somebody to listen and do the right thing.” 

APR asked Tuberville if his actions holding up military nominations over the Pentagon’s abortion policy was not also an example of putting politics over national security. Tuberville responded by saying that politics was involved in his actions but he felt as though he was forced to do it. 

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“As a member of the Senate, a minority member of the Senate, the only power that we have to get the majority to listen to is to put a hold on something,” Tuberville said. “I hate I had to do it, but they would have not listened.” 

APR also asked Tuberville if he regretted his decision to block nominations given the fact it is partly responsible for Biden’s decision to not send SPACECOM to Huntsville.

Tuberville said he does not regret his decision and said that even Biden stated it had nothing to do with SPACECOM not coming to Alabama.

However, according to a report from Andrew Desiderio at Punchbowl News Tuesday morning, “there’s no denying that Tuberville’s actions, which have angered Biden and top Pentagon officials, had an impact” on the decision to keep Space Command in Colorado.

Patrick Darrington is a reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter. You can reach him at [email protected].

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