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ALGOP passes resolution regarding presidential primary delegation process for 2024

Former President Donald Trump is looking well-positioned to win Alabama’s delegates for the third primary in a row.

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On Saturday, the Alabama Republican Party State Executive Committee passed a resolution explaining how Alabama’s presidential delegates in 2024 will be allocated in the upcoming primary. 

The Presidential Preference Primary Resolution will give Alabama over 50 delegates at the Republican National Convention. This includes all three members of the Alabama Republican Party who sit on the Republican National Committee; 26 statewide at-large delegates; and 21 delegates allocated by congressional district.

More specific details for the delegation process include the following:

  • “A candidate must receive a minimum of 20% of the vote on either the statewide or congressional district level to be awarded any delegates.
  • The 26 statewide at-large Republican delegates will be awarded to the first place candidate if that candidate receives over 50% of the vote in the state’s Super Tuesday primary.
  • There will be three delegates from each of the state’s seven congressional districts, for a total of 21 delegates.
  • The congressional district delegates will also be awarded to the first place candidate that receives over 50% of the vote in each of the congressional districts.
  • If no candidate receives over 50% at either the statewide or the congressional district level, the delegates will be awarded proportionally based on primary election results.”

So far former President Donald Trump is looking well-positioned to win Alabama’s delegates for the third primary in a row. Trump has been endorsed by over 12 public officials in Alabama including all 6 House members of the Alabama GOP, U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville, R-AL, Lt. Governor Will Ainsworth, all three Alabama Public Service Commission chair members and Agriculture Commissioner Rick Pate.

Trump also spoke at an ALGOP summer dinner event this past Friday which according to ALGOP Chairman John Wahl set a record for attendance. Trump is currently facing three indictments for his role in the Jan. 6 insurrection. The former president told the crowd of over 2,700 people that it was a “badge of honor” that he has been indicted three times and he is, “being indicted for you.”

Besides the Presidential Preference Primary Resolution the ALGOP also passed a few more resolutions over the weekend. These resolutions include the primary process for all other ballots on the 2024 ballot, a condemnation of President Joe Biden for violating the Hyde Amendment and a ban on campaign donations from the National Education Association along with its affiliates like the Alabama Education Association but this only applies to Republican school board/superintendent candidates.

The Hyde Amendment is legislation that prohibits federal funds to be used to pay for a woman’s abortion. According to the ALGOP, Biden is violating the Hyde Amendment because of his administration’s military policy regarding reproductive health care. However, that policy only provides funding for the travel expenses associated with a service member needing to go to another state to access reproductive health care if they are station somewhere where it is inaccessible.

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This resolution also supported Tuberville in his continued military nomination blockade.

Patrick Darrington is a reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter. You can reach him at [email protected].

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