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Ivey makes 56 new appointments on Tuesday

Gov. Kay Ivey made 56 new appointments and reappointments to several committees and boards.

Gov. Kay Ivey gave remarks and posed for a group photo to the Alabama Girls State at Troy University’s Crosby Theater on June 6, 2023 in Troy, Ala. Governor’s Office /Hal Yeager

Gov. Kay Ivey made 56 new appointments and reappointments to several committees and boards across the state this week. Listed below are all of the appointees and the boards they were placed on.

Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway Development Authority

  • Mr. James Lewis, Reappointment                                                 
  • Mr. Horace Horn, Reappointment                                                
  • Ms. Anna Laurie McKibbens, Reappointment                                                 
  • Mr. Donald G. Waldon, Reappointment  
  • Sunny Collins, New

Dietetic and Nutrition Board of Examiners

  • Dr. Evelyn Crayton, Reapportionment

Respiratory Therapy Board 

  • Ms. Ashley Pool, New
  • Ms. Kristen Johnston, New

Tourism Advisory Board

  • Ms. Patti Culp, Reappointment
  • Mr. Hans van der Reijden, Reappointment
  • Mr. Sanjay Patel, New
  • Mr. Christopher Townsley, New
  • Ms. Patricia Kieffer, New
  • Ms. Kelsey Rush, New
  • Ms. Penny Groux, New
  • Mr. Themika Sims, New
  • Mr. Matthew Ulmer, New
  • Mr. George Hunter, New
  • Mr. Nathan Lee, New
  • Mr. Jonathan Romeo, New
  • Mr. Lee Lawson, New
  • Ms. Nanda Patel, New

Walker County Civil Service Board

  • Mr. Troy Wilson, Reappointment

Public Charter School Commission

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  • Mr. Paul Morin, Reappointment
  • Dr. Sheila Austin, New
  • Dr. M. Javed Khan, New
  • Ms. Julie Kornegay, New

Dekalb County Board of Registrars

  • Ms. Amy Gregg, New

Historic Ironworks Commission

  • Ms. Miki Heaton, Reappointment
  • Honorable Jerry Pow, Reappointment
  • Mr. Jeremy Wright, Reappointment
  • Mr. Johnny Curry, Reappointment
  • Mr. Josh Dyer, Reappointment
  • Mr. Clarence Nevels, Reappointment
  • Mr. Cecil Marty, Reappointment
  • Ms. Michelle Giddens, New
  • Mr. Terry Harris, New
  • Dr. Heather Puckett, New
  • Dr. Philip Hubbard, New

Alabama Independent Living Council

  • Mr. John Roper Jr., New 
  • Ms. Christie Stanley, New 
  • Mr. Bob Lujano, Reappointment
  • Mr. Lorenzo Brown, Reappointment
  • Ms. Carolyn Fortner, Reappointment
  • Dr. Eric Peebles, Reappointment
  • Mr. Kent Crenshaw, Reappointment
  • Mr. John Harris, Reappointment
  • Mr. Theodore Nail, Reappointment
  • Mr. Dennis Duncan, Reappointment
  • Ms. Joyce Box, Reappointment
  • Dr. Brian Geiger, Reappointment
  • Ms. Sarah Williams, Reappointment
  • Ms. Jenny Lux, Reappointment
  • Ms. Judy Roy, Reappointment
  • Mr. Jack Franklin, Reappointment
  • Ms. Amelia O’Hare, Reappointment

Patrick Darrington is a reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter. You can reach him at [email protected].

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