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Carl secures funding for Alabama hospital

Carl helped secure $1.5 million to fund pediatric imagery equipment for the Children’s and Women’s Hospital located in Mobile.

Congressman Jerry Carl VIA CSPAN

U.S. Rep. Jerry Carl, R-Alabama, announced on Tuesday that he helped secure over $1.5 million to fund pediatric imagery equipment for the USA Health Children’s and Women’s Hospital located in Mobile.

“I am proud to announce I secured $1.5 million for USA Health Children’s & Women’s Hospital to purchase new pediatric imagery equipment,” Carl said in a statement released Tuesday. “Their current MRI machines date back to 2007, and the advancement of MRI machines over the last 15 years provides huge opportunities for their patients.”

USA Health is the only stand-alone inpatient facility in Alabama dedicated to specifically providing comprehensive healthcare to women and children in the upper Gulf Coast area. The hospital provides a range of services including a pediatric emergency center open 24 hours every day, the Gulf Coast area’s only level III neonatal intensive care unit and a pediatric intensive care unit for the most vulnerable children.

On USA Children’s and Women’s website the hospital states that it offers 30 services and has multiple programs to assist with the needs of patients. Also, the website states that the Children’s and Women’s hospital provides, “highly regarded surgical, oncological, clinical and acute care to women and children. Our team of physician specialists, nurses and technicians care for the medical needs of women and children with a family-centered approach.”

As part of a statement Carl released he said that the new pediatric imagery machines would enable the hospital to scan 30 percent more patients a day. 

“Children’s & Women’s Hospital is one of five children’s and women’s hospitals in the country,” Carl said. “This new machinery will enable them to scan 30 percent more pediatric patients a day, which will allow these patients to start their treatment faster. I am proud of all the things USA Health Children’s & Women’s Hospital has accomplished, and I’m excited to partner with them to purchase this new equipment.”

Patrick Darrington is a reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter. You can reach him at [email protected].

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