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Wetumpka neo-confederate gathering shares “strategy” to “fight for our freedom”

The conference featured numerous speakers labeled by the Southern Poverty Law Center as extremists.

A photo posted by the Southern Cultural Center to its public Facebook page shows attendance at its second annual "national" conference.

The second annual “national conference” for the Southern Cultural Center included sharing “strategy” and “tools” to “fight for our freedom.”

The meeting took place at the Southern Cultural Center in Wetumpka and followed a similar template to the inaugural event last year. SCC leader Mike Whorton told APR last year that media would not be allowed to cover the event; APR did not request to cover the event this year.

However, the group posted on its Facebook page to share details of the event. 

“The National Conference is the next step in the progression of restoring our own political destiny free of Federal control of our State and local government,” the group posted. “More importantly, it is the restoring of the control of the raising and education of our children and the biblical Christian foundation of the Southern people.”

The conference featured numerous speakers labeled by the Southern Poverty Law Center as extremists.

One such speaker is “the reverend” John Weaver. The Facebook post said Weaver “updated basic survival plans and provided new financial planning for the difficult times coming.”

Speaker Clif McGhar, who often performs music for SCC gatherings, “described a mandatory united front with a supporting network for our people instead of a going alone survival plan.”

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James Edwards, who operates a far-right radio podcast, told members “the country is polarized and will intensify due to prosecution of President Trump. The entire federal governing system is losing legitimacy and the masses are poised for revolutionary change, with the idea of secession now increasingly popular.”

Jared Taylor, publisher of a far-right magazine and website, shared how “‘woke’ ideologies such as DEI are finding strong resistance by conservatives. Diversity ( is not our strength but our downfall) Equity ( is no more than taking money from workers and giving your money to those that chose not to work) Inclusion( is lowering required skills to give status for those unqualified that lowers performance for all)”

The post also laments a potential removal of the Reconciliation Memorial in Arlington National Cemetery in coming weeks, and the removal of other Confederate monuments and renaming of schools 

“If the Federal governments removes (the Reconciliation Memorial) thus breaking their “Word” then the Southern people will be treated as the American Indian,” the post states. “GET UP FROM YOUR COUCH AND THINK ABOUT THAT FOR AWHILE HAVE YOU HAD ENOUGH YET.”

The stated goal of the Southern Cultural Center on its website is to reestablish an independent South through secession. 

Jacob Holmes is a reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter. You can reach him at [email protected]

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