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Hendrix vs. Swayne District 55 showdown: Voters decide today

Now, the decision rests with the voters, who will determine which path their district will embark upon after Tuesday.

House District 55 candidate Travis Hendrix, left, and Sylvia Swayne.
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District 55’s highly anticipated election runoff will reach its climax today as two stalwart Democrats, Travis Hendrix and Sylvia Swayne, prepare to vie for the district’s trust and, ultimately, its vote. Stretching from Fairfield to Birmingham’s Southside, District 55 holds a unique blend of communities, each awaiting a leader with the vision and dedication to champion their needs.

Travis Hendrix: A Background of Dedication

A proud alumnus of Miles College, Hendrix subsequently procured his bachelor’s degree, later augmenting his academic credentials with a master’s from Oakland City University. However, beyond the academia, he is a devoted father, a passionate member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., and a law enforcement officer. His roles, notably as a school resource officer and member of a public housing task force, resonate with his commitment to public safety.

Hendrix’s message is clear, “I believe District 55 deserves a leader who is both capable and relentlessly driven to advocate for transformative change.” His platform is segmented into four key pillars:

Economic Growth: Prioritizing the support of local businesses, especially those owned by minorities and women.

Education: An emphasis on equipping students with future-ready skills through technology-focused after-school programs.

Public Safety: Proactive legislation that homes in on the safety of the community and the underlying reasons for crime.

Equity: A drive to level the playing field, be it via broadband access or lowering grocery taxes.

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Sylvia Swayne: A Commitment to Fairness and Innovation

Swayne’s academic foundation was laid at the University of Alabama, where she majored in English. Notably, she advocated for labor rights, ensuring the University’s affiliation with the Worker Rights Consortium. Post-graduation, Birmingham became her professional playground, where she excelled in managing quality assurance within the tech sphere.

Swayne’s campaign is fueled by her diverse background and her zeal for transformative change. Her policy proposals are both holistic and ambitious:

Expanding Medicaid: A push to leverage federal funding for Medicaid, thereby enhancing healthcare availability and stimulating economic growth.

Safe Communities and Smart Justice: A vision that gravitates toward community-centered policing, restorative justice, and a systemic overhaul of Alabama’s prison system.

Education Excellence and Economic Opportunity: Augmenting workforce development, increasing teachers’ wages, and advocating for felon rights.

Inclusive Democracy and Strong Neighborhoods: Promoting a more inclusive voting system and community-driven growth.

Both candidates, Hendrix and Swayne, have charted platforms encompassing their vision for District 55’s brighter future. Now, the decision rests with the voters, who will determine which path their district will embark upon after Tuesday.

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