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Tuberville: Wars in Ukraine, Middle East “created” by Democrats

“They need to be worried about … the wars that their side, the Democrats and Joe Biden, have created,” Tuberville said.

Sen. Tommy Tuberville

U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville, R-Alabama, claimed in a recent interview that the wars in Ukraine and the Middle East were started by Democrats.

Tuberville’s comments were made on Newsmax after the host asked the senator about his thoughts regarding reports of Senate Democrats presenting a proposal to avoid Tuberville’s military promotion blockade. Tuberville implemented a hold on military promotions in March to protest the DoD’s reproductive health policy. Since the hold began over 300 promotions have been stalled.

“They need to be worried about what’s going on in Ukraine, the Middle East, the wars that their side, the Democrats and Joe Biden, have created but you know, they want to circumvent the rules in the Senate,” Tuberville stated on Newsmax. 

The proposal by Senate Democrats would be a standing order resolution to allow over 300 nonpolitical military nominees to finally be moved after being held up by Tuberville. The resolution could come forward as early as this week according to The Hill. However, the Democrats will need to round up support from several Republicans to pass the resolution.

The DoD’s policy covers the travel expense for military personnel who do not have access to reproductive healthcare or abortions in a state they may be stationed in. The policy does not pay for the reproductive healthcare or the abortion if a service-member had one.

In the Newsmax interview Tuberville would go on to say that as a minority member his hold gives him power to show the Democrats that he means business on the issue of abortion. The senator said he wants to allow taxpayers to vote on the issue and compared President Joe Biden to a dictator.

“That’s all I want, is a vote,” Tuberville stated. “Just send this policy that they want to vote on it, send this policy back, then if it passes, we do what the American people elect to do. But, you know, they’re playing dictator from the White House. This administration, Bianca, has screwed everything up in our country, they’ve screwed everything up all over the world since they’ve been in. It’s a disaster.”

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Tuberville never offered any evidence for his claim that the wars in Ukraine and, presumably Israel-Palestine, were created by Democrats. 

Patrick Darrington is a reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter. You can reach him at [email protected].

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