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Mayor Reed decides against running in 2nd Congressional District

Mayor Reed opted out of the congressional race, saying he’s focusing instead on Montgomery’s progress.

Mayor Steven Reed

Mayor Steven L. Reed of Montgomery announced today he will not enter the race for the 2024 Democratic nomination for Alabama’s newly redrawn 2nd Congressional District, opting to continue his work at the city level.

“After thorough consideration and heartfelt discussions with my family and constituents, I have decided to dedicate my efforts to the city of Montgomery,” Reed said, highlighting the historic job growth and investments in education during his term. “Our city is on a remarkable trajectory, and my commitment remains firm here.”

Reed, who has served as mayor since 2019, has made notable strides in city development and social progress. He was instrumental in increasing funding for public education, fostering community revitalization, and advancing a more equitable agenda for Montgomery.

As the first Black mayor of the city known as The Birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement, Reed’s tenure has been marked by a commitment to inclusivity and economic progress. His decision not to seek the congressional seat aligns with his vision of local, transformative leadership.

Before his mayoral role, Reed made headlines as a probate judge by issuing same-sex marriage licenses in 2015, demonstrating a long-standing dedication to civil rights.

With Reed’s withdrawal, the race for Alabama’s 2nd District remains open, with potential candidates assessing the political landscape.

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