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Montgomery businessman Dick Brewbaker enters race for Alabama’s 2nd District

The former teacher did not mince words when discussing the current political landscape, taking a firm stance against the Democratic Party’s policies.

Sen. Dick Brewbaker speaks at a committee meeting on Feb. 21, 2018. (Samuel Mattison/APR)

In a move that shakes up the race for Alabama’s 2nd Congressional District, local businessman Dick Brewbaker has thrown his hat into the ring, citing a dire need to address the direction in which the country is headed.

Brewbaker, a household name in Montgomery as the President and CEO of Brewbaker Motors, articulated his deep concerns about national issues and his commitment to the district’s values in his announcement. “When I see what is happening to this country and what is happening in Congress, it is truly unbelievable,” Brewbaker declared. “There is a massive disconnect with what is happening there and what is happening in the lives of everyday Americans.”

The former teacher did not mince words when discussing his view of the current political landscape, taking a firm stance against the Democratic Party’s policies. “The Democrats have charted a horrible course for this country, and we need to make sure that we continue to have someone in Congress who will stand up for our values and not let the left continue to destroy the fabric of our country,” he stated emphatically.

Brewbaker outlined several key issues that are central to his campaign. “The fact of the matter is that spending is out of control, and inflation continues to harm working people,” he noted, adding that “The situation in the Middle East is a disaster, and we must have someone in office who will stand with Israel. The border is an open avenue for illegal immigration, drugs, and who knows what else.”

A lifelong resident of the district, Brewbaker emphasized his roots and dedication to the community. “People who know me know that I will always stand up for what is right and never allow myself to get caught up in Washington’s games and political theatre,” he remarked. Brewbaker is gearing up to engage with constituents on pressing concerns, “I am looking forward to getting out and speaking with the people about the kitchen table issues that matter to the people of the district over the next few months and earning their trust and support,” he said.

His announcement to contest comes as a direct challenge to the Democratic presence in Alabama, “We just don’t need another Democrat Congressman from Alabama,” Brewbaker concluded.

The businessman’s educational background and corporate leadership experience position him as a candidate of interest in the upcoming Republican Primary, scheduled for March 5, 2024. As the race heats up, all eyes will be on Brewbaker to see if his blend of business acumen and educational experience resonates with the voters of Alabama’s 2nd Congressional District.

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