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Monroe library invites conspiracy theory “author” to author’s week

One of Johnson’s theories include that Donald Trump is a “military plant” and that he is actually still commander in chief.

Derek Johnson

An Alabama man who writes conspiracy theories such as body doubles taking the places of political leaders has been invited as part of “author’s week” at the Monroe Public Library.

Last week, the library made a Facebook post announcing that “Alabama writer, author, podcaster and musician” Derek Johnson would be visiting Wed. Nov. 15.

“Here is your chance to chat with Alabama’s own multi-talented US Army Veteran (Ret) who is not only a singer-songwriter and performer, Billboard-charting county music artist, but creator of ‘The Blueprint’ at, an online tool to help the public understand Military Laws and Orders,” the library wrote.

The post has been removed, but a former activities coordinator at the library said as of Monday that the library still plans to host Johnson. APR called the library Tuesday to see whether the program is still intended to be held and left a message for director Angie Snyder, but did not receive a response.

Johnson’s outline of “The Blueprint” indicates his theory that Donald Trump is a “military plant” and that some set of military laws and orders means that Trump is actually still commander in chief.

As of 10 p.m. Wednesday, Johnson had 143,000 followers on X, (formerly Twitter), where his most recent post was a side-by-side comparison of two photos of Joe Biden insinuating he had been replaced.

Sources familiar with Johnson’s writings say he believes Biden has been executed and replaced.

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One of Johnson’s “documents” entitled “Hindsight is 2020” details “where Covid really came from.”

“In 2019 the Senate was controlled by Republicans… The swamp and RINOs on all sides and outside had no Congressional ‘option’ besides the ‘nuclear option’ … which was a threat to National Security and why Trump had to use the PEAD on top of all his monumental and historical Executive Orders and National Emergencies…” Johnson wrote.

“The ‘Nuclear Option’ was Covid-19. What you have to understand is … it’s just a word attached to flu statistics. The military actually took over in November 2016. That’s when a lot of the arrests were made. Everything you’ve seen since then are actors in the best technology known to man.”

He later in the document says the Jan. 6 insurrection was staged by the FBI, and says the military receives a different set of Covid vaccines then the general public.

Elizabeth Biggs, who quit her position in the library as activities coordinator Monday, said that Snyder portrayed Johnson as a a constitutional expert, similar to the language used in the Facebook post stating that his documents educate the public on military laws and orders.

Biggs said she believes giving Johnson a platform to share those views, and sell his merchandise, at the library crosses the line of free speech and actively brings in someone whose misinformation can bring harm to the community

Jacob Holmes is a reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter. You can reach him at [email protected]

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