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Opinion | Supporting Ukraine is a decisive act for the future of freedom

We must stand firm, not just for Ukraine’s freedom, but for the protection of our own people and the values we hold dear.

A landscape-oriented image featuring Ukrainian and American soldiers standing beneath the Ukrainian, United States, and Alabama State flags. The soldi

In the complex tapestry of global politics, Alabama’s stance on international issues often remains cloaked in local concerns. Yet, the escalating conflict in Ukraine, where Alabama’s political figures like Senator Tommy Tuberville, alongside Congressmen Jerry Carl and Barry Moore, have voiced opposition to U.S. aid, calls for our attention.

The premise is straightforward: So far, American military personnel haven’t directly engaged in Ukraine. But the shadow of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ambitions looms large. If unchecked in Ukraine, it’s not just Europe’s stability at stake but potentially American lives too.

Tuberville’s assertion that Ukraine couldn’t win against Russia and his reluctance to invest in what he perceives as a lost cause mirror a sentiment of pessimism and a narrow vision of the conflict’s repercussions. Congressman Carl ties Ukraine aid to the domestic issue of the southern border, a common refrain among House Republicans. Moore’s stance aligns with an isolationist view, reminiscent of pre-World War II sentiments, focusing on internal matters while ignoring burgeoning global crises.

This inward-looking approach overlooks a pivotal fact highlighted by recent Pew Research Center data: about half of the Republican base now questions the extent of U.S. aid to Ukraine. Yet, this aid is more than a monetary transaction; it’s a commitment to global stability and democratic integrity.

The aid to Ukraine isn’t a mere benevolent gesture; it’s a strategic investment. By supporting Ukraine’s defense and sovereignty, the U.S. bolsters a key buffer against Russian expansionism, thereby protecting its interests and potentially saving American lives that would otherwise be at risk in a broader European conflict.

The threat isn’t hypothetical. History teaches us the perils of underestimating expansionist regimes. If Ukraine falls, Putin’s gaze will surely turn towards the Baltic states and beyond, the echoes of his demands from December 2021 ringing ominously. Those demands, essentially for the West to surrender former Soviet satellites, were not just a diplomatic maneuver; they were a prelude to the aggression we’re witnessing today. The current situation goes beyond geopolitical chess; it’s a stark reminder of the true human cost of war.

The ravage war inflicts on the bodies and souls of young men and women is not an abstract concept. These are individuals who lay their lives on the altars of the unpredictable gods of war. The cost isn’t just in lives lost or forever altered; it reverberates through families and communities for generations. We’ve seen this too often, with conflicts abroad exacting a grievous toll on thousands of young lives – a cost that the United States has borne heavily.

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Now, with Ukraine’s fight for freedom, we face a critical choice. It’s a decision that transcends mere geopolitical interests; it’s about saving American lives. To do less is to nearly guarantee that American blood will be spilled on foreign soil. This isn’t just about supporting another country; it’s about safeguarding our own.

Nearly a century ago, the United States emerged as the world’s dominant superpower. This wasn’t a quest for global rule but a strategic decision to ensure that no one could rule over us. Part of this strategy was the understanding that peace through strength could enable other nations to enjoy the fruits of peace and prosperity – not just through American might, but through our support and example.

In Alabama and indeed across the free world, we must recognize that investing in Ukraine is not just a moral obligation but a strategic necessity. Yes, the cost is high, but the alternative – the cost in human lives – is simply unacceptable.

Those advocating for abandoning Ukraine, driven perhaps by partisan politics or naïveté, must be challenged. Succumbing to isolationist tendencies and appeasement strategies risks not just our global standing, but more importantly, it endangers the lives of American servicemen and women.

We must stand firm, not just for Ukraine’s freedom, but for the protection of our own people and the values we hold dear. The cost of inaction is far too great, and the stakes extend far beyond the borders of Ukraine. This is a moment for decisive action, for clarity of purpose, and for the recognition that our own fate is intertwined with the struggles for freedom and democracy worldwide.

Bill Britt is editor-in-chief at the Alabama Political Reporter and host of The Voice of Alabama Politics. You can email him at [email protected] or follow him on Twitter.

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