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Katie Britt as Trump’s top VP choice? Listen to the pundits

The corridors of power are abuzz with talk that Britt, a rising star in the Republican Party, could be the ideal running mate.

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Over the weekend, the political chattering class entered a new phase of speculation. Former President Donald Trump appears poised to clinch the GOP presidential nomination, shifting the focus of many political pundits toward the hotly anticipated “Veepstakes.”

Amid this whirlwind of hypothesizing, a new name has emerged as perhaps the top contender for Trump’s vice-presidential pick: Alabama U.S. Sen. Katie Britt.

The corridors of power were abuzz Saturday and Sunday with talk that Britt, a rising star in the Republican Party, could be the ideal running mate for Trump in his third bid for the White House. This speculation gained significant traction following notable endorsements from key figures in the conservative media landscape.

The endorsement that stood out most prominently came from Mark Halperin, a well-known journalist and television cable host, currently a commentator for the conservative-leaning Newsmax TV. In his widely followed “Wide World of News Concierge Coverage,” he highlighted Britt as the optimal choice for Trump’s vice-presidential candidate. His endorsement, given his insider status and influence, has added considerable weight to the speculation surrounding Britt’s potential nomination.

“In this morning’s Wide World of News for Concierge Coverage members, I made the case that Donald Trump will ultimately pick Alabama Senator Katie Britt as his running mate, if he is the nominee,” Halperin wrote. “The reaction has been universally positive, even from some members who don’t favor a second Trump term.”

“A sampling of the comments so far, all used with permission:

“Mark McKinnon: ‘A perfect pick. She checks every single box. And then boxes you hadn’t even thought of.’

“One of the smartest observers of politics I know: ‘I watched the video [of Britt] you linked too. She is more charismatic and more attractive in motion. Very smart—intelligence comes through clearly. Can’t be dismissed as a cross-wearing Mega mom with faux political aspirations. She’s the Real Deal.’

“A Republican with top-level presidential campaign experience: ‘Choosing Mike Pence [in 2016] was smart because it balanced Trump’s assets and reassured those concerned with his liabilities. In an election where independent voters will be key, female support pivotal and again the GOP needs a unified base, Katie Britt would be a good choice. She’s also a pro, won’t make mistakes, and lacks ego.’

“In addition, I’ve heard from several members in an off-the-record capacity, all expressing praise for Britt and the value she could add to the ticket,” Halperin continued:

“Lots of intrigued Republican members of the Gang of 500 and grudging acknowledgment from Democrats that she would be a strong pick. Current and former congressional staffers, who used to count Britt as a colleague, adore and respect her. And that includes plenty of Democrats, too.”

“Here is a bit of the case I made for Britt being Trump’s ultimate choice:”

Trump wants a young woman who speaks fluent MAGA and/but can comfortably win over hearts and minds in the suburbs of Philly, Atlanta, Milwaukee, Detroit, and Phoenix. (Sorry, Governor Huckabee.)

He wants someone attractive and charismatic and/but who will not be any threat to overshadow him and make mistakes (Sorry, Congresswoman Stefanik).

He wants someone who endorsed him early (enough) and/but who can win over Please Never Again Trump types — the donors, Capitol Hillers, Gang of 500 members, and the press. (Sorry, Governor Noem.)

He wants someone who can go on TV and savage the Biden record without sounding harsh. (Sorry, Huckabee, Stefanik, Noem, and Kari Lake.)

He wants someone who has enough of a record to clear the commander-in-chief bar, but not so much of a record that she can be attacked by the DNC oppo squad or be painted as a DC insider.

He wants someone who talks like a real, normal person and/but can also speak about policy at a high level and be a great communicator on TV.

He wants someone who is a staunch partisan and/but has bipartisan credentials.

He wants someone who will show obeisance and/but has gravitas.

He wants someone whose selection will wow the press and public and freak the heck out of the Democrats.

He wants someone who he can imagine on the debate stage with Kamala Harris — and loving her chances.

He wants someone whose husband was an NFL player for one of his favorite teams and owners.

This latest development has sparked a flurry of discussions among political analysts, with many seeing Britt’s potential nomination as a strategic move by Trump. Her selection could signify an effort to bolster his campaign with a fresh, yet politically savvy running mate, who could bring a blend of youth, energy, and policy know-how to the ticket.

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As the political landscape continues to evolve rapidly, all eyes remain on Trump’s camp, awaiting an official announcement. The possibility of Britt joining the former president on the 2024 ticket has certainly added an intriguing dynamic to the mix.

Bill Britt is editor-in-chief at the Alabama Political Reporter and host of The Voice of Alabama Politics. You can email him at [email protected] or follow him on Twitter.

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