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Justice Sarah Stewart wins GOP Primary for Alabama Chief Justice

Associate Justice Sarah Stewart emerged victorious in the Republican primary, securing her position over Bryan Taylor.

Justice Sarah Stewart
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In a noteworthy stride toward the chief justiceship of Alabama’s highest court, Associate Justice Sarah Stewart emerged victorious in the Republican primary, securing her position over Bryan Taylor, a seasoned political figure with a history as a state senator and legal advisor. This triumph, as reported by preliminary counts from the Associated Press, sets the stage for a November face-off against Democrat Greg Griffin, a Circuit Judge from Montgomery.

Justice Stewart garnered a commanding 60.6 percent of the votes, outshining Taylor’s 39.4 percent. This pivotal race comes as Chief Justice Tom Parker steps down, adhering to the age constraints set by the state’s constitution.

With a judicial career spanning nearly two decades, Stewart’s tenure on the Alabama Supreme Court has been marked by her conservative approach and her staunch stance on criminal justice, often resulting in severe sentences for heinous crimes.

Stewart’s judicial philosophy and her extensive experience, including a 13-year stint as a circuit court judge in Mobile, remain at the forefront of her public persona. Her journey to the Supreme Court, initiated by an appointment in 2006 and followed by successive electoral victories, reflects a solid foundation in legal practice and jurisprudence.

As the political landscape of Alabama’s judiciary continues to evolve, Stewart’s victory underscores a broader narrative of experience and principle in the state’s legal arena. With three Supreme Court seats uncontested this term, the focus now shifts to Stewart’s impending contest against Griffin, promising a compelling chapter in Alabama’s judicial history.

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