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Montgomery voters back school tax renewal, secure $12m annually for education

The tax renewal secures a crucial stream of funding for the next three decades.

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In a display of civic engagement, Montgomery voters have overwhelmingly endorsed the renewal of a 3.5 mil school tax, a decision that underscores the community’s unwavering commitment to the betterment of local education. The tax renewal, which secures a crucial stream of funding for the next three decades, will inject approximately $11 million annually into Montgomery Public Schools, with an additional $1 million benefiting Pike Road Schools.

Montgomery Mayor Steven L. Reed, an ardent supporter of the initiative and a parent of public school students, expressed his gratitude and optimism following the vote. “Our community’s affirmative vote is a resounding affirmation of our collective belief in the power of quality education,” Mayor Reed remarked. “While this renewal is a step in the right direction, our journey towards excellence in education is far from over. I am eager to collaborate with Dr. Brown, the school board, and our community partners to further enhance the educational landscape in Montgomery.”

Montgomery Public Schools Superintendent Melvin Brown echoed Mayor Reed’s sentiments, acknowledging the vital role the tax plays in the district’s operational stability. “The passage of the 3.5 County Tax Millage is a victory for our children and a testament to Montgomery County’s dedication to their future,” Dr. Brown stated. He extended his gratitude to various stakeholders, including county commissioners, city officials, educators, parents, and community supporters, for their unwavering advocacy and support.

In Pike Road, Mayor Gordon Stone also celebrated the positive outcome, emphasizing the broader implications of this collective investment in education. “Our residents’ support transcends municipal boundaries, reinforcing our shared commitment to nurturing the potential of every student in Montgomery County,” Mayor Stone remarked. “This sustained funding is not just an investment in our schools but in the very fabric of our community, promising substantial returns in the form of a well-educated, empowered future generation.”

The tax renewal’s approval averts the specter of financial austerity that loomed over the districts, ensuring that Montgomery and Pike Road Schools can continue to provide quality education without the threat of budgetary constraints. With this renewed mandate from the electorate, Montgomery County’s educational institutions are poised to continue their pursuit of excellence, bolstered by the community’s affirmation of their invaluable role in shaping tomorrow’s leaders.

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