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Opinion | For the good of the country, Donald Trump should step aside

Joe Biden might be sleepy, but he isn’t crooked, a 34-time felon, a sexual assaulter or a maniac, and he didn’t lead a failed coup against the country.

Former President Donald Trump is found guilty on all 34 counts of falsifying business records in the first degree in connection with the Stormy Daniels hush money trial case. zz/Andrea Renault/STAR MAX/IPx
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Joe Biden’s debate performance was dreadful. 

There’s no reason to sugarcoat it, because there’s no chance that anyone could convince you that what you saw last Thursday evening was anything other than an elderly gentleman struggling at times to get his words out. If you’ve spent time around elderly grandparents, you’ve seen it before. 

And, of course, in today’s oh-my-God-the-earth-is-on-fire, reactionary media landscape, the national response was expected and quick. 

“What are the Dems going to do?”

“Dems in disarray!”

“Tough conversations among Democrats about Biden.”

And then there was the capper, from the New York Times: “To Serve His Country, Biden Should Leave The Race.” 

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All of this because an 81-year-old man wasn’t an eloquent speaker for about a half-hour on a random Thursday in June. 

In all of that stumbling and bumbling that Biden – the things that he should step aside over – did he ever once say that he wouldn’t accept the results of an American election? Did he call dead soldiers “suckers” and/or “losers”? Did he sexually assault a woman? Did he commit 34 felonies? Did he get charged with nearly 60 other felonies?

No? It was the other guy? The one you’re not asking to drop out of the race? 


Now, I know what some of you are thinking – that this is a clear case of that “whataboutism” stuff that progressives are always talking about. But you’re wrong. It’s not whataboutism. It’s reality. 

And the reality is this: On one side is an elderly man who has experienced the normal mental decline that comes with age, but who has led the country admirably – including leading the world in post-COVID economic recovery – and without embarrassment for four years. On the other side is a morally bankrupt, narcissistic felon who refused to leave office after losing by more than 8 million votes and who led an actual coup attempt against this country. 

(It is utter insanity to me that the media and all Democrats don’t talk every single day about Trump and his minions concocting a scheme to use fake electors to undermine the electoral college vote and overthrow a free and fair election. That happened. It’s documented. That, kids, when used in combination with repeatedly questioning the validity of the election and encouraging your supporters to go to the Capitol to stop the vote counting, is the very definition of a coup.)

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So, let me put this down where the goats can get it: I would vote for Joe Biden’s ghost before I either cast a vote for Trump, or didn’t vote. 

Yes, I wish Biden had stepped aside a few months ago and allowed another Democrat to take the nomination. I think there are several who could annihilate Trump in debates. I mean, my God, the response to Trump’s “I didn’t sleep with a porn star” line alone should have been the equivalent of a political nuclear bomb. 

But it doesn’t matter. It’s too late now, and so this is our choice. And there really is no choice. 

Because nothing ol’ Sleepy Joe has done, in his alleged dementia state, has come close to the insanity of Trump’s four years. Because it wasn’t just the major stuff. It was the every single day stuff. 

The dude tried to use a Sharpie to draw an extra hurricane track just because he misspoke. He nearly died from COVID and then weezed his way up the White House steps trying to pretend he wasn’t breathing like a little kid who nearly got hit by a car. He spilled military secrets to the Russians in a White House meeting. For God’s sake, he wanted to inject bleach into humans to kill COVID. 

And things haven’t gotten better. 

In the last few months, he’s stated publicly that he’d like to be a dictator for a day. He’s promised oil executives that he’d cut regulations in exchange for massive contributions. 

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And then there was the shark and the battery story … a rambling, incoherent fever dream in which Trump concocts a fantasy where a battery-powered boat sinks under the weight of the battery, which somehow produces an electrical current in the water, forcing a real dilemma because there’s a shark swimming nearby. But perhaps the most insane – and telling – portion of the story is that Trump claims “no one has ever thought of this question,” but Trump did because of – and pay close attention here – his “relationship to MIT.” 

 That relationship? His uncle taught there in the 1940s. 

Nothing – absolutely nothing – that Joe Biden has said, not said or bumbled past can even approach that level of nutso. 

And that’s before we get to the fact that women are dying in ERs because doctors won’t end terminal pregnancies, student loan debt is finally being addressed in some meaningful way, hundreds of American soldiers aren’t dying annually in long-bungled wars halfway around the globe, and the economy is actually stronger than ever even after a crippling global pandemic. 

In a perfect world, there would be a better, stronger candidate than Joe Biden. But you’re way better off than you were four years ago under the cuckoo guy, and you can be relatively certain that America will still exist when he actually peacefully leaves office. 

That’s a hell of a lot better than the alternative.

Josh Moon is an investigative reporter and featured columnist at the Alabama Political Reporter with years of political reporting experience in Alabama. You can email him at [email protected] or follow him on Twitter.

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