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The bickering over State prisons continues

By Josh Moon Alabama Political Reporter There will be yet another prison bill introduced when the Legislature returns on April 4, but even so, skepticism is growing over lawmakers’ chances of getting any legislation passed. The fact that there will be another prison bill – this one backed by more than a dozen sheriffs and Read More

Roby, Brooks join President’s bill signing ceremony for reauthorizing NASA

By Brandon Moseley Alabama Political Reporter Tuesday, March 21, 2017, President Donald J. Trump signed into law bi-partisan legislation reauthorizing the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) with $19.5 billion in funding and key policy provisions supporting the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama. The President was joined by a bipartisan set of legislators Read More

Gorsuch Confirmation Hearings begin

By Brandon Moseley Alabama Political Reporter Monday, March 20, 2017, the US Senate finally began confirmation hearings on President Donald J. Trump’s selection to the US Supreme Court: Neil Gorsuch. Most of the Alabama congressional delegation has expressed their support for Gorsuch’s confirmation. US Representative Martha Roby (R-Montgomery) wrote on Monday, “Today the confirmation hearings Read More

Secretary of State’s office wins award for mock election

By Staff Report Wednesday, March 21, 2017, The Alabama Secretary of State’s Office is delighted to announce that we were honored with The National Association of State Boards of Education Award for Outstanding Leadership in Voter Education from The National Student/Parent Mock Election. The award is given to states across the US who have organized Read More

Lawsuit compelling US Senate Special Election before 2018 may assure that date sticks

By Bill Britt Alabama Political Reporter A cloud hangs over the Special Election to fill the vacancy of Senator Jeff Sessions, and it’s not just that Gov. Robert Bentley called for the election to concur with the 2018 General Election some 22 months later or Bentley’s appointment of his nemesis Luther Strange to fill the Read More

Despite rumors, the Governor’s Office says Bentley has no plans to resign

By Chip Brownlee Alabama Political Reporter MONTGOMERY — The Governor’s Office on Monday pushed back against rumors that Gov. Robert Bentley will resign in April before any impeachment vote can happen in the Alabama House of Representatives. A spokesperson from the Governor’s Office said Bentley has no plans to resign. “Governor Bentley takes very seriously his Read More

Auburn BOT names Steven Leath Auburn’s 19th President
Bentley leads team to Washington to lobby for new Healthcare law
Strange: votes to confirm Coats, McMaster major step in meeting National Security Priorities
Obituary: Eugene Crum Foshee Sr.
Sewell grills Comey, Rogers at Intelligence Hearing

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What’s next for Gov. Bentley?

By Bill Britt Alabama Political Reporter Austrian-British philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein wrote, “A man will be imprisoned in a room with a door that’s unlocked and opens inwards; as long as it does not occur to him to pull rather than push.” It seems evident that Gov. Robert Bentley sits in a similar room without imagining Read More

  • What’s next for Gov. Bentley?
  • Will Bentley face the Hangman’s noose?
  • Does the State know best?
  • This Session is different
  • What to do about Bentley?
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    Donald Trump and his bitter Twitter

    By Joey Kennedy Alabama Political Reporter President Donald Trump knows how to make news, and he very often does that through Twitter. It appears, though, he knows more about making “fake news” than the real stuff, even though his Twitter handle is @realDonaldTrump. Better than “@real” would be “@shrill.” The President loves the “ALL CAPS!” Read More

  • Donald Trump and his bitter Twitter
  • Don’t have to “Beware the Ides of March” in Alabama
  • We have to require our leaders to do the right thing
  • Trump’s speech: Much ado about very little
  • Gun permits are a small, but necessary, restriction
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    Governor’s Derby

    INSIDE THE STATEHOUSE by Steve Flowers We are on the cusp of one of the best political years in modern political history in the Heart of Dixie. Prior to the 1970’s our constitution disallowed succession of office for our state constitutional offices. In other words, you could not run for two consecutive four year terms. Read More

  • Governor’s Derby
  • Internet tax, roads need attention
  • Lame Duck Governor wants prisons
  • Money from BP is spent
  • The circus begins, and it will leave a mess behind
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    Bentley backs Trumpcare, Jesus wept

    By Josh Moon Alabama Political Reporter America first!* (*excluding: the poor, the disabled, the elderly, minorities who don’t believe slaves were immigrants and non-Christians) This is the agenda of the Trump administration and today’s Republican Party. It is an agenda that has been lifted straight from Alabama conservatives, who long ago crafted laws and regulations Read More

  • Bentley backs Trumpcare, Jesus wept
  • A Trump supporter just believes
  • Alabama Legislature Week 6: You won’t miss them while they’re gone
  • Want to see public records? It’ll cost you
  • Make Alabama Great Again: Vote for You!
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    Samuel McLure

    Pro-Life Democrats, unicorns, and such

    By Sam McLure “Now, I will believe that there are unicorns.” The Tempest, William Shakespeare The only perfect Party will be the one that Christ’s followers enjoy in Heaven. Until then, we must make the most of our imperfect associations … which, in humility, we must acknowledge are more imperfect because of our own presence. Read More

  • Pro-Life Democrats, unicorns, and such
  • 5 reasons why Republicans are going to pot on March 8
  • What would it take for you to switch political parties?
  • Two Kinds of Republicans
  • The man who wears his underwear on his head
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